Who Shall I Finalize As My Boudoir Photographer?

Who Shall I Finalize As My Boudoir Photographer?

10 Points To Notice Before Finalizing a Boudoir Photographer

Real Boudoir Shoot versus Fashion Portrait Shoot

You have to remember what do you want in the end: Is it a boudoir shoot you are looking for or just any glamorous shoot? As there is a big difference between the two. We have seen many pictures of a woman in a park, or a woman in street with backless blouse etc categorised as boudoir shoot, but these are not even remotely related to a boudoir shoot, to be honest. These are just portrait shoot, maybe a little glamorous in type, but not at all boudoir shoot. So, when looking for a boudoir photographer, make sure you are booking a real boudoir photographer and not a fashion portrait photographer.

Don’t Get Influenced by Top or Best Boudoir Photographer List

Let these lists only help you in checking out the work of few photographers you shortlist from there rather than blindly believing in them. In the end, we suggest you do your own research.

Don’t Book a Photographer Entirely Based on Ratings and Reviews

The ratings and reviews system be it on Google, Facebook or anywhere else is very flawed and thus can’t form the sole factor for judging a photographer’s work.

Misleading Use of Words like Top and Best

We encountered many business owners who changed their business name completely and made it as Best Fashion Photographer of India or changed their website name to (This is just an example and the real name is not used here.). Many others claim on their website that they are the best but shall you dare ask on what basis? So, don’t pay much attention to these words and check everyone’s work and decide on your own.


In the end, the quality of the work is more important than any other thing. You don’t want a boudoir shoot where, in the end, you are disappointed because you didn’t get what you expected. So, check everyone’s work and see which one you like the most. (Does quality come with a price?)

Photography Style

Book the one whose photography style you love the most. Every photographer has a different style and it is generally visible in their pictures; if that particular way of taking pictures is what you are looking for, you have found yourself a boudoir photographer.

Comfort Level

The most important thing that you should consider while booking a boudoir photographer is how comfortable he/she makes you feel or how comfortable you find yourself in his/her presence. As this is an intimate shoot and if you feel awkward during the photo-shoot time, your all the pictures will suffer. (How we make our clients feel comfortable on a boudoir shoot?)


This is another factor that you have to consider. You have to decide if you can trust this photographer you are interested in with your private boudoir pictures. If you have still doubt, maybe it’s better to either to talk to him or consider a new one.

Experience and Knowledge of the Photographer

Yes, these are important and why is it so? Because it leads to increased trust that your shoot is in good hands, that you are going to get a quality work.

Be Your own Judge

Do your own research, make your own list, check out work of your shortlisted photographer and select the one that you like in the end.

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