What Is Not Boudoir Photography?

What Is Not Boudoir Photography?

Being a fairly new concept in India, many are still not familiar with the term boudoir photography or what does it mean. I have heard so many misconceived definition of this from people around me and I realised, it might be a good idea to write a blog about ‘what is not boudoir photography? to clear everyone’s doubt about it and also from avoiding its real definition getting lost in the nebula of misinformation. Here it is what exactly is boudoir photography and what is it not –

  1. Nude Photoshoot
    No, this is the most prevalent misconception about this type of shoot among people. Boudoir photography is sensual photo session and most of the time the nudity is implied rather than explicit. It’s the exploration of your Beauty and Sensuality
    It’s not about nudity but it’s about your beauty.

  2. Any Sexy Shoot is Boudoir
    No, the setting is the most important factor that differentiates it from any other glamorous shoot. The environment of the photoshoot should give you a feeling of a woman in her own private room basking in her own beauty, feeling comfortable in her own skin, embracing her feminine side and completely unaware of anyone else around, rather than a woman posing in someone else’s studio or couch or bed.

  3. Creepy
    No, this is completely a wrong idea. Whoever has ever been a part of boudoir session, has always described it as fun and empowering time, rather than creepy and scary.

  4. Vulgar
    On the contrary, it’s elegant and classy and the pictures produced are romantic instead of obscene. If you have seen such boudoir pictures that you found vulgar, maybe then that photographer doesn’t know how to do a boudoir shoot and you need to keep looking to find a new one as it’s very far from being an indecent shoot.

  5. Glamour Photography or Fashion Portrait Photography
    Don’t let any type of glamorous picture of a woman confuse you about what is boudoir photography. There is a difference between boudoir and glamour, and just a picture of a woman in sexy clothes doesn’t form a part of a boudoir shoot.

  6. Not for Old or Single Women
    This is also not true as it’s a celebration of your body, so it does not limit itself to any age group of women or relationship status of women. We say you got engaged, get a boudoir shoot for your partner; you had a break-up, get a boudoir shoot to explore your own beauty and love for yourself.

  7. Only for Women In The Best Shape
    No, not at all. We don’t define beauty by the standard of body type and same with the concept of boudoir photography. It’s for everyone irrespective of what size they are.

  8. Not for shy women
    It’s for everyone. Your pictures are for your own personal experience and not for everyone. Every woman enjoys feeling beautiful in the end – be a shy woman or a bold woman.

  9. Only for Models
    On the contrary, it’s mainly for the women who aren’t models.

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