Three Habits I Quit Last Year

Three Habits I Quit Last Year

3 Habits That I Quit Last Year That Lead To Psychological Freedom


My notes are flooded with so many random thought, concepts, chord progression, to-do list, and poetry. Yes, I do write lines now and then. I read somewhere, “Bless me with the verse.” And it left a huge impact on me.

Not everything that I have written on my notes makes sense. Averagely, I write 3-4 notes every day. Writing notes had been my secret pleasure. But the procrastinator in me just lets it stay there for ages.

I have zillions of notes. And I have no words to express what sort of a mess it is to go back and relive old memories – checking them. But I made it happen yesterday, I decided to do it. Took a head torch, and a ski pole and then slid across the horrendous mountains that were ice-capped with words.

There was one note that grabbed my attention. It was a list of things that I had quit in 2017. It was incomplete but fortunately, I was about to figure out the rest that I actually had quit.

So here is the list of things that I succeeded in quitting in 2017 and that, directly or indirectly affected my mental freedom.


1) Procrastination – The Real Enemy

“Procrastination is the thief of time: Year after year it steals, till all are fled, and to the mercies of a moment leaves the vast concerns of an eternal scene.”
By Edward Young

Pretty aware of one thing, the only person who I have considered as my enemy is the procrastinator me. Procrastination is one infection that you will not be able to find out unless it is too late. I know people who have a desire to succeed but they would rather grab a beer with their friends than to actually take a pen and make a list of things that need to be done.
The only way I could leave procrastination behind was with sheer discipline and following steps like rituals. Like why would I write this blog when there is a youtube video of a Dog drooling over a burger. Oh God, why would I do this!

15 minutes later.

Years of procrastination leads to professional procrastination. And that, my friend, leads to relapse. Constantly focusing on your goals do work, but as said, requires discipline. The Internet is a fun place for cats and dogs. Like the funny video of a dog who doesn’t want to take a shower. God damn!

  1.1 Excuses – The Better Half of Procrastination

In a conversation with the social worker and Director, Dheeraj Sharma once told me: ” The lies you tell yourself are the worst.”
Sometimes, it’s the excuses that stop you from doing anything you want.

As life is short why shouldn’t I watch the video of a dog Dancing to Hey Ya – Outkast.

The weather is just too pleasant today to actually get out and get my new startup registered.

One thing, that I learned the hard way was that everything can be done if you just don’t make excuse for it.


2- Quit Sugar – Lost 10 Kg Weight

“Bro, sugar is like cocaine. You shouldn’t take it. It’s highly addictive and kills a lot of people every year. ” – Someone, I guess.

Gary Tubes, author of the book – “The Case Against Sugar” said that sugar leads to diabetes and obesity, and it’s responsible for more deaths than tobacco. So when I quit sugar and mixed my lifestyle with intermittent fasting and workout, I noticed that I easily was able to shed a few extra kilograms that I had been carrying. To be honest, it was not as hard as I thought it would be. The Sugar that I am talking about is refined sugar. That white powder that looks like crystal meth.

I know some people are thinking that you can even lose weight when you limit your sugar!

In 2014, I shed a few pounds, but I didn’t quit sugar. In 2016, I was back to the square one. The same weight. My body was smart and got back to exactly where  I started.

But when I did this without sugar, I never gained my weight back. Also, I forgot to mention other benefits like alertness, being more productive and not being pointlessly sleepy. It was not as hard as I thought it would be. It also includes making healthy food choices, making my own food, and limiting refined carbohydrates.


3) Smoking – The Filthy Habit

“Every time you light up a cigaretteyou are saying that your life isn’t worth living.”



In my life, I never came across a single person who smoked and loved it. Deep inside they all hate it. Except for teenagers, kids and the Thai monkey who smokes all day (Relapse trigger! You know what I am saying?)

There was a time when I smoked more than 50 cigarettes a day. Yes, and trust me when I say this, I have never been this wrong in my life. Cigarettes are the more useless things that can come in your life. They are expensive, if you count your yearly consumption, and don’t have a single benefit.  To say in Warren Buffet’s words, “It’s a bad investment in oneself!”

Instead of giving confidence it leaves you dizzy. Instead of relieving stress, it gives you stress if you don’t have one.

I can’t find a single reason why cigarettes are good.  I quit smoking in a bang, I know most people won’t believe it, but nicotine addiction is a hell of an illusion and nothing else. “An Easy Way To Quit Smoking by Alan Carr”. This is one book that I recommend to everyone who is struggling with nicotine addiction.

Please do share your suggestions, or share a story of anything that you quit. If you want you can also send an email. Approaching my directly in public also sounds convenient.


Thank you for reading!

Neeraj Agnihotri


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