How Do We Make Our Clients Feel Comfortable During a Boudoir Session?

8 Tips on how you can make Your Clients feel Comfortable during a boudoir shoot. If a client is uncomfortable during a boudoir session, it’s very tough to capture the perfect images. It is very important to make your clients feel comfortable during a boudoir shoot. Add to that, a boudoir photo shoot is very personal in nature, it’s very much required that the clients feel unworried with the photographer and his team. This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience rather than a nerve-wracking…


What Is Not Boudoir Photography?

Not Every Sensual Picture can be classified into Boudoir Photography   Some people do not have a clear idea about what boudoir photography as it has not been a very famous term. Back in 2016, when It was when It was a fairly new concept in India. And not a lot of people were not familiar with the term.  I have heard so many misconceived definitions of this from people around me. And then, I realized, it might be a good idea to write a blog about 'what is not boudoir photography?  It will help in clearing everyone's doubt, and also…


Who Shall I Finalize As My Boudoir Photographer?

10 Points To Notice Before Finalizing a Boudoir Photographer Real Boudoir Shoot versus Fashion Portrait Shoot You have to remember what do you want in the end: Is it a boudoir shoot you are looking for or just any glamorous shoot? As there is a big difference between the two. We have seen many pictures of a woman in a park, or a woman in street with backless blouse etc categorised as boudoir shoot, but these are not even remotely related to a boudoir shoot,…

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