12 Questions to Ask Your Boudoir Photographer 

12 Questions to Ask Your Boudoir Photographer 

Bombard Your Boudoir Photographer with These Questions

If you are looking for boudoir photographers. There are some of the questions that you should make sure to include in your question’s list. It will help you in knowing more about the photographer and will even help the photographer to know what sort of a shoot you are looking for. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

How can I prepare for a boudoir shoot?


It is one of the best questions that you can ask your boudoir photographer. All photographers are different and have a different approach to capture a great image.

Every photographer surely has a different answer to the question. For example- If you ask a photographer about how can you get ready for a boudoir session. Some might say: Have a look at some pictures. Like for me, I once told my client to talk to herself in front of a mirror. I know, I know.. it might sound like a great concept for the horror movie Mirror 3.

I have believed that staring at your own eyes reveals your different sides to yourself.  And, I don’t even want to run out of my secrets so I would rather stay quiet. As there are bots trying to replace human photographers.


Does the package also include makeup and hair styling?


Always one of the most important questions to ask your photographer – just to make sure that make-up and hair styling is involved or not. Nowadays, there are so many photographers that thoroughly believe in capturing beauty without any makeup just to preserve the natural human touch. Better to ask this question to avoid any confusion.

Personally, I do it as per the situation and the requirement. Read: How I make my clients comfortable during a boudoir shoot.


This is my first time. What actually ha ppens during the session?


This is one question that can always make you comfortable about the shoot. And once your photographer has told you about each and every step that goes from top to bottom. It will be easier for you to mentally prepare for the shoot.



What should I wear during the boudoir photography session? Do you also provide lingerie for rent?


Wear whatever makes you comfortable. There are no rules. I have been asked this question more frequently than ever. I recommend my clients to bring everything they like. As a firm believer of experimental photography. You can never know when and how you can get your next great shot. I love to keep my eyes and situation open for a shot.

Renting? No! I don’t. In fact, no one can.

Even the majority of online shopping platforms won’t allow returning the undergarments because of hygienic issues.  Renting lingerie is not yet available.

However, I can provide the props for the shoot. Once the themes are decided, it becomes easier for me to actually decide and arrange the required props. Moreover, I have a closet of props that I have spent a lifetime to collect.

Will you be publishing the photographs in your portfolio?


This one questions can be very comforting for people who are not willing to share the images with the world. I have seen, so many of my clients asked me this question within the first two minutes of the conversation. However, that depends a lot on different countries and different cultures.

Furthermore, there are people who especially would like to go for a boudoir shoot so that they can see themselves in an artist’s portfolio. It’s always something to be in an artist’s portfolio. But still, there are so many people who are happy to keep it private.

It can always be relieving for people who don’t want to share it. This question entirely depends a lot on the photographer. I prefer to ask my clients before publishing any images.


How long will you take to deliver the images?

How immense can be the excitement to see the pictures? A greater number of people are so excited they can’t sleep. Yes, it’s true.

The excitement to see the pictures, after a photo shoot, is boundless. People have their heart in their throat. Some are skipping a beat.

I prefer to deliver the images within a week. I tell them in advance about when I will be delivering the image, and then I deliver the images two days before the exact date. Oh! I am running out of my secrets. It works like a surprise gift.

Will the pictures be edited/retouched?

Some of my clients want the images to be very natural, and some don’t want the makeup to be very loud. Finding a perfect tuning, between your style of works and what your client wants, can actually lead to a huge number of super-happy clients.

Some pictures have a very negligible amount of flaws. They are a bit common in digital photography. But the great news is that they can be easily fixed as digital photography and digital editing work great hand in hand.

Retouching photos are not all about the editing of body flaws – sometimes, it’s all about rearranging the elements to make the pattern of a photographic composition look picturesque.


Who will be there during the session?


Majority of your clients will prefer no more than 3 people in the photo-shoot location.  The lesser is always better.

I never shoot with more than three people. Clients tend to do better boudoir shoot if they are given the desired comfort.

However, the things are very different for a professional model. But boudoir photography is not all about models. It’s for everyone.

Where do the sessions take place?


Some photographers have a pre-decided shoot, or location, where all the boudoir shoots are done. Always ask this question.

I decide it according to the theme. The photo-shoot location is always a great looking place with even greater looking interiors.


Can I Bring A Friend?

I suggest bringing anyone you like. Occasionally, I have seen that sometimes bringing your partner to shoot may not be a great idea. Especially, if you are planning to gift the shoot to your partner. A friend is always welcome.

How many outfits does my package include?


This is very different with every photographer.

Generally, I don’t limit a boudoir photo session according to outfits. Boudoir photoshoot is more of a lifetime experience. A session that is ought to be remembered as a memory and as an outing.

Keeping in mind, that once a client gets comfortable with the camera. Trying different props gets super easy even in less time. So I prefer to say, “Outfits? As much as you can.”


Every photographer has its own unique way of working. The answers will be different with different photographers. It’s great to bombard your boudoir photographer with all these questions so that you can find the one that can capture your bona fide personality.

The more you are clear about the shoot, the more you feel comfortable during the shoot, and that will reflect in your pictures.


Do let me know if there are any more question that I should be asking my client?

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