A Random Blog Post With Some Pictures of My Dog

A Random Blog Post With Some Pictures of My Dog

Some Pictures of my German Shepherd Dog, Annie.

I had to delete my Tumblr Account for the apparent reason that no one visited it.

After I was going through some of my pictures on Pinterest. I noticed that there were several people who like and admired my pictures on Tumblr.  So, I did what any common person would do. I tried to join the community to interact with the people.

Although no one visited my Tumblr blog, it was nice to see so many of my dark fine-art pictures that people could relate to. It was meaningful. And to make it even more meaningful, I started posting pictures of my bitch, Annie.


Puppy German Shephed shoot

(Photoshoot With Annie – 3 months)

Fast forward to now, November 2018, my Tumblr account is no more. As I am not a fan of inactive accounts, I have even deleted it.

Now, coming back to the topic. Here are some of the pictures that I had posted on my Tumblr blog. 

Feel free to grab a cup of coffee.

German Shepherd puppy running

(When Annie was 2 months old

german shepherd dressed


(Annie wearing hand knitted clothes made by my mother. My mother runs a brand ‘Mammaknits’ where she provides hand-knitted clothes throughout the world.)


german shepherd loves to read

(Just after Annie completed the entire collection of Jean-Paul Sartre and thought about life.)

most photogenic german shepherd

(Never knew Annie could be this photogenic even though she hates cameras.)

super cute gsd dog

(Don’t know what to say here)

german shepherd loves headphones

(Just after Annie got her hands on the newer FL studio)

german shepherd loves pop music

(Annie wearing a cap that my mom knitted)

cutest german shepherd ever

(Waiting for food)

german shepherd want to go one a drive

(Annie heard the magical sound of the car keys)

German Shepherd relaxed

(Just chilling)

German Shepherd side face

(Lookbook Shoot with Annie)

German Shepherd half alert

(This is what a half alert dog looks like.)

Photogenic German Shepherd

(Patiently waiting for the shoot to be over)


German Shepherd

(Again don’t know what’s going on in her tiny head. )


my and my german sheoherd

(Just Me and my bitch)





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