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Artistic Nude Photography – Nude Fine art Photography

Artistic Nude photography (photographie de nu) is one the most complicated form of photography. As it requires in-depth knowledge of lighting, posing & body. Because as a fine art nude photographer, you have to make sure that any of these pictures should not go towards any form of obscenity.

In the end, the basic goal is to present nudity in a beautiful and artistic expression.

Nude Photography and Implied Nude Photography

There are generally two forms of nude photography: nude and implied nude.

Implied Nude Photography

Implied nude has implications. It some restrictions and the complete bare body is never shown. The body is covered very artistically with hands or other props. Makes it is more presentable out of the two forms of photography. 

It can even be used in commercial photography, and thats why it is mostly used in the advertisements and as a magazine’s cover.

Boudoir photography is one of the forms of implied nude photography. It explores the intimate and sensual side that is mostly used for ‘body as a celebration’.  

Nude Photography

Another one is nude photography, which shows the complete bare body. This genre of photography is also called as God’s Art. In this case, images are presented purely as art.

I personally find it tougher as compared to implied nude photography.  Because in artistic nude photography, you are supposed to depict an unclothed person in a favourable and artistic way without crossing the boundary of obscenity. 

 That is a very challenging task for a photographer! Example of this genre is fine art nude photography, nude boudoir photography. In reality, fine art photography is a big set which includes various other types of art forms including fine art implied nude photography, as well as fine art nude photography.


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Depiction of Nude Photography

What happens when you drop all the belief, all the opinions and all the judgement? Wouldn’t that be a form of nudity as well?

My approach to artists nude photography is to show the unapproachable emotional that otherwise go obscured. (See my fine-arts pictures here)

My photography style is nowhere related to sexuality or eroticism. However, the depiction of the art has been upto the person and how one sees it. I usually have a particular thought in mind when I capture the image. The viewer of my pictures may surely have a different sort of observations that they grasped. Please note that I am more than happy to hear your views and visions used for interpreting my pictures. Please let me know here.

Where do I provide Nude Photography?

I don’t have any customised package for artistic nude photography as I only photograph to vent out my own creativity. Though I have done artists nude photo shoots in Delhi and Mumbai and Chennai. Moreover, I do provide boudoir photography photoshoots in India.

Do you teach Nude Photography in India?

I am planning to organise a masterclass in The Ethics Of Nude Photography. If you are interested in making artistic nude photography as a career choice or just purse nude art photography as a hobby you can drop your email address with me. And once it’s organised, I will send you an email with all the details. The event will be in Delhi, India. 

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Artistic Nudes by Neeraj Agnihotri

Neeraj Agnihotri is published internationally for his artistic nude photography. For him, nude photography is one of the best ways of expressing a body through art. He is available to travel worldwide for such shootings.