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What Is Fine Art Photography?

Fine Art Photography / Photographic Art / Artistic Photography is not just a photographic skill, but rather it’s an art – like painting. It involves playing with the vision and taking that towards the desired perfection. To put it differently, it strives to represent that vision exactly as the artist conceived in his mind. 

It is important to realize that the popularity of the fine art portraits can be ascribed to its non-commercial, and aesthetic nature. This form of photography is mainly appreciated by the art lovers. 

I find Fine Art photography as one of the most beautiful forms of photography to express one’s views and feelings. It is a ‘literature style photography’, that can be a communicative form without words being vocalized. That’s the most important factor that makes it a form of perfect art.  It’s the best way by which someone can give life to one’s surrealistic ideas, including dystopian and utopian dreams. 

fine art photography India
dark fine art photographer India
dark fine art photography India

“When a photograph is presented and worked on as art, then a fine art picture is formed.”

fine art photographer India
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Style Of My Fine Art Photography or Contemporary Art Photography

Every fine art photographer has his own unique style that generally defines his work.  That’s why it becomes very important to know a photo artist and understand his style first before you try to connect with his work. As a fine art photographer, I like working on mainly three areas – namely Dark Art Photography, Fine Art Nude Photography and Surreal Photography.

Dark Art Photography or Dark Fine Art Photography

A dark art photographer generally captures the gothic or macabre side of fine art, portrait or fashion photography through his camera. These are fantasy pictures. Dark and mysterious in look, that may sail you away from the reality in a dreamlike world.  They typically have shadowy ambience and less saturated colours because they present suppressed thoughts. Black and white dark fine art photography is considered more saturated- but metaphorically.

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The Obscured Stories - Dark Art Photography
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Surreal Photography / Surrealist Photography

These are the pictures that are hallucinatory, unusual and unreal. As they originate not in the world where we live but in a world of dreams and illusions. Such pictures cross the boundary of the real world and take entry into a fantasy world or a surreal world. The scenes captured in the pictures happen in the vivid imagination of the surrealist artist, but hardly find any place in our day to day life. They are the outcome of an artist’s unconscious mind, rather than logical consciousness. All things considered, it’s a way of seeing the world which can not be perceived with our senses. That’s why I also call this type of photography as fantasy photography.  I love this form of photography as it lets my imagination go wild and liberates my thoughts.

fine art photography Delhi
Unagarthian - Surreal Fine Art Photography
surreal fine art photography India
surreal fine art photography India

Fine Art Nude Photography Or Fine Art Nudes or Nude Art

Fine Art Nude Photography has been a topic that has widely dominated the modern art photography. For the same reason, it also dominates my fine art photography style. Sometimes, I even let my three favourite styles of fine art photography coincide so that the final result can emerge into something even more beautiful. Fine Art Nude artist mainly depicts the nude human body but only to show its aesthetic qualities like its form, composition, and emotional aspect. Regardless of the nudity, these pictures are not for any type of eroticism. On the other hand, their sole aim is the representation of the beauty of a human body.

fine art photography India
Fine Art Nude Photography
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fine art nude photography
fine art nude photography india
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Fine Art Portrait Photography

It’s a creative portrait photography that works on the similar line of fine art photography. Sometimes it even includes the concepts of fantasy photography or digital manipulation photography. Unlike other portrait photography where the focus remains on the person, fine art portrait photography tries to focus on the visual representation of a thought with the help of that person. These fine art images have a strong base of conceptualism and etherealism. Many times, these images even invite a new perspective of looking the same ordinary thing differently.

The result is mainly dependent on the creative vision of the artist and thus demands a skilled fine art photographer for it. The fine art portraits capture the subject in the vision of the artist, creating timeless and artistic portraits. The resulting pictures form amazing wall art pieces, book covers, home décor and several other things. They can be used for the decoration and for bringing life to your otherwise boring walls. My fine art pictures are more inclined towards fantasy and surrealism. That’s why surrealist portrait photography also forms a part of my fine art portrait style.

fine art photography India, fine art portrait photography India
fine art photography India, fine art portrait photography India


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Artist Profile - Neeraj Agnihotri

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Neeraj Agnihotri is an expert photographer with more than five years of experience in fine art photography who has been published in various international magazines. He loves using various forms of art for self-expression and especially likes exploring different sides of emotions.