Neeraj Agnihotri is a Delhi based fashion, advertising, fine art, and boudoir photographer. He has more than seven years of experience as a fashion photographer in India. Even though he is based in Delhi, the location has never been a constraint for him. He keeps travelling to frequenting the cities of Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore etc.

In addition, he has also worked with many international clients from New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, London, Auckland, California, City of Brussels and other cities. His client base includes several designers, brands, and magazines. Both based on Photography & Retouching.

According to Neeraj Agnihotri, understanding lighting is the most important thing for any photographer. He likes spending his time acquiring more and more information related to lighting, shadows and highlights.However, another  thing that he considers very important in the field of photography is pre-visualisation of the shoot. It helps him absorbing the theme and delivering the best result.

Photography & Retouching – Neeraj Agnihotri

Fashion & Advertisement Photography with the versatility of commercial shoots have introduced him to almost all types of photography. That includes a pristine mixture of passion, expression, vision, and the love of portraits. He has been listed as one of the best fine art, and artistic nude photographers.

In addition to that, even as a high end fashion retoucher, he has worked with clients from all over the world. Including international photographers, magazines, modelling and advertising agencies from California, New York, London, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Venice, Berlin, Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bali, Bangkok, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, Amsterdam and many other cities.

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Neeraj Agnihotri – Blending Photography With Fine Arts

Photographer Neeraj Agnihotri

Neeraj Agnihotri believes in experimenting with different side of human emotions through his disquieting yet meaningful imagery. His photography style mainly revolves around fantasy, magic, art and women. With his style, he makes something that leaves hypnotic effects on its viewers especially his captivating fine art pictures. There is a fanciful, dreamlike and interpretive nature in his images because no two people ever see the same thing, that’s what is his signature style – creating an image that has various meanings.

As a committed artist, he likes creating paintings like images where you have to look beyond the image itself. He has done several fine art photography shoots, and has been published in several national & international magazines.

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