Is a monochromatic world boon for a chronic procrastinator? 

Is a monochromatic world boon for a chronic procrastinator? 

The Real Life Editing. What if you can make your world black and white? 

How important color is in your life? If you get a chance to make a monochromatic version of the world that you see though saturated eyes. What difference would it make? 

Before I go ahead and make some lame promises I am talking about the digital world. As far as I know, I cannot desaturate the world around me. However, I can desaturate some things that I use every day. Majority of the things are gadgets. From e-readers to computers all have a grayscale mode. 

Colors & Distractions

Colors in digital life can play a very important role in distracting in our daily life. Especially the things it does that lead to procrastination. Bright colors can snatch your attention and force you to waste your time.  If you are reading this there are chances that you might stop reading it if you suddenly have a flash on your screen saying that you have received a message. 

In the last few years, I have noticed that the majority of Internet company has changed its logo to a brighter and more saturated one,  only in the case – they didn’t already have a saturated logo.

It makes your subconscious mind to open the app like a ritual. People who are addicted to social media can open an app without even doing any conscious effort. It’s like your fingers are made to tap on the bright colored icon of the app.

But What if you use a phone that is in grayscale mode? 

I turned all my gadgets to black and white for a week to see the effect that it had on me. 


Hard to be Distracted in a Black and White World

If productivity is your main focus you can get a grip on it. As you cannot easily distract yourself in a black and white world. 

If the gadgets are used properly they can claim to be a very productive piece of equipment.

However, the flaw is that it can hold you under your legs and can continuously make you watch Netflix at the time you ought to be working. If taken productively, it can lower your work stress. It can help you to manage the time and become better with every passing second.   

 procrastination black and white mobile

Internet in a Black and White World 

It’s some people’s job to grab your attention. So, if you are watching the picture, their job is to make sure that you do not break the spell of getting out of the loop of the trap. The Internet is a super distracting place. It has so much fun stuff that you can nearly spend 20 years without getting bored. 

The Internet has years to top-rated Tv shows that won’t end for years, movies – so great – that you can binge on it. Picture of animals so cute that it will be the best thing you ever see.

It has communities, where you can meet people so like-minded that you would feel like you have found the tribe that you lost during evolution.


Internet Distraction

How often do you get to the internet to look for something that was super important and then after that you realize that now you are reading about the life of Charlie Kaufman? And then you see a YouTube video. Followed by reading about the film, “Anomalisa” that sounds super interesting to you, now you are looking for the film on Netflix.

You feel like arranging a 2-hours-film slot in your time table does not sound like an awful thing to you. It can be done easily like stealing candy from a kid.  

On a black and white screen, it’s hard to be lost. As it looks boring and there is no way you can be easily distracted to a visual world in a monochromatic display. It saves you time. As far as I have adapted the black and white screen, I don’t remember being lost in it.

Deep work as mentioned by Cal Newport. It’s very necessary to work while you are working. That can even be considered as smart working. Deep work for 4 hours can cover what all you will normally do in a week, or maybe a month.  

If your work is specifically based on the internet and you are a chronic procrastinator. Try this for a week and notice how much improvement you have made. First, it might get very uneasy but you will adapt it very soon.

After a week, I continuously started to switch between colored and desaturated version as, being a photographer and a retoucher, I have to work with colors.

procrastination on mobile phone

 Monochromatic Cell Phone  

Not something you want to pick up every once in a while. The fact that even the notifications do not make that sense at all. You are no way interested in knowing what going on how. However, unlocking phone again and again gradually diminishes.  

After 3 days, I was not even interested in picking up the smartphone. Using the internet was not as fascinating as it was before. But It was not at all distraction. You could no longer get hooked on the bright color that is trying to use your attention.  

It can actually drastically break your phone addiction.  


Turning your world into grayscale is something that needs to be tried especially if you are a chronic procrastinator. Even after a week, I was very hooked to use everything in grayscale continuously. It’s a realizing feeling to see how your attention can be easily distracted with colors.

And how you can even get it back by living in a monochromatic world by not squandering the valuable time you possess.  

Go Black And White today to keep the digital distraction away.  

Thank you for reading,

Neeraj Agnihotri

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