Female/ Male Modelling Portfolio Shoot for Fashion and Films

Female/ Male Modelling Portfolio Shoot for Fashion and Films

Are you planning to go for a modelling portfolio shoot soon? Are you planning to be a successful model? The first thing that you have to do for realizing this dream is to book a professional fashion photographer.

A photographer who has the right experience and style. As this is more than just clicking pictures in a studio and editing them later. There are few photography styles where the focus is more on the model than the product. We have to remember, fashion is all about selling clothes, accessories etc. But fashion portrait photography has some part where models are supposed to steal the limelight.

So, below mentioned photography types will come under a set that falls outside the set of fashion photography. Even though these are not exactly fashion photography, it borrows many elements from that to make a shoot successful.


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Modelling Portfolio Photography / Portfolio Shoot /Modelling Shoot

As a modelling portfolio photographer, I do my shoots in such a way so to enhance the look of the model. Making sure that the clothing, accessory and makeup to not overpower the model. As in this type, we are not selling the product, but we are selling the model.

Keeping in mind that a portfolio is going to be a launchpad of your career. It’s better to invest in a portfolio that has some unique images.  You don’t need images that are already there in the market, you need something that makes you stand out in the crowd.

It should help you in promoting yourself by adding that X factor. Something that has the potential to showcase your talent as a model.

The Male/Female Portfolio That We Shoot are Internationally Accepted. 

Glamour Photography

Fashion Photographer Mumbai

Glamour Photography focuses more on the glamorous and seductive elements of pictures. pictures of models shot at different types of locations. A photographer tries to highlight the beauty as well as sexiness of the model in these pictures. It sometimes has implied nudity and these are very popular in men’s magazine like maxim etc. or calendars.

These types of photography are close to boudoir photography. But somehow a bit different – check out my boudoir page to know more about that. Nude photography is a bit different than but somehow still falls under this category.

Modelling Portfolios for Fashion, Television & Films

Female Portfolio Shoot South Delhi
Fitness Trainer Alkhas Joseph shoot Chennai
Alkhas Joseph Chennai Photo Shoot
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