Is your Photography Business Thriving on Someone else’s Internet Algorithm?

Is your Photography Business Thriving on Someone else’s Internet Algorithm?

The Reality of Businesses that are based on the Internet Algorithm

Photography and Retouching were not the only things that I learned in the past few years. I even tried to get my hands on some musical instruments, learned a Digital Audio Station and also tried to understand how the Algorithm of internet-based companies work.   Companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tinder. 

Starting a Business on the Internet

It undeniably needs some limelight on it. As you might have built your business on social media from scratch. But with a slight change in the Algorithm, you won’t be getting the same response, as you did before.  

Eventually, your business might go cold completely. Or you would be required to pay for everything that was once free. I am not saying that paying for services is bad, but paying for something you build, in a long time, is preposterous.  

If I can explain this in an example – like giving nicotine to a person for free, but as the person gets hooked, then charging them for a pack of cigarettes.  One thing that I would like to make people aware of, especially people whose business is more based on social media or other types of platforms on the Internet, is “The Internet Algorithm!   

What is an Internet Algorithm? 

It’s a pattern on how particular applications or services work. Like according to an algorithm, when you give your Facebook access to Tinder it keeps all your information, your status, likes, and comments. And then according to that interest, you are shown to your compatible dating matches.  

And once you match with a person, keep a note that there were thousands of permutation and combinations that were knowingly or unknowingly responsible for matching with that person.  

So when you thank God for finding your love. You should actually be thanking Mr. George Brown who actually made the algorithm.  If, by any chance, Mr. Brown has great taste in music. He would have considered that as an important factor in the algorithm. And then, your love would have been different. And your kids probably won’t be as nagging as they are. Life would have more meaning.  

Why Mr. Geroge why?     

Facebook’s Page Algorithm  

Remembering, it was really long back – about seven years – when I first started photography. I made a page on Facebook. Obsessed with a sheer spike of enthusiasm I started posting pictures.   The response was good. I received good and constructive feedback. Within a few months, I even was able to get a few assignments through the platform.  But like an economic bubble burst, when the graph was on the top it witnessed a narrow drop.

That’s when I first saw it – “The Algorithm Change.” Dressed in black, drool dripping through the narrow-spiked incisors. And don’t even get me started on the horns.  

Yes, it was a bit disappointing. Photography was just a startup and I was noticing a fall. The same year, there was another slight change in the algorithm of Facebook and my posts started to appear even lesser.   Later that year, another change followed it and a similar thing happened.   

Fast forward to 3 years, I had 30,000 likes on my Facebook page. But I was left with my post’s reach limited to 20 people. Before this algorithm popped, the reach was above 7000 people per post.    And then there was the smiling face of Mr. Mark Zuckerberg charging for every post. Even to make the post reach your own audience, you needed to pay. In fact, Facebook has an option to advertise to your friends & friends of friends.    


Google Search Engine Algorithm  

  A similar incident happened when Google search engine changed its search algorithm for the top searches. And as a result, results that drastically changed. It was great for me as the traffic on my website was boosted. But there were several other people who were on top, who had to go through a downfall.  

Earlier it was easier to bring your photography business in the search result. You had to follow some tips and then bam! You were in the top 20 results.    Some of the SEO styles that worked before but doesn’t work anymore. (Like the way they did before)  

  • Link building

  • Anchor text

  • Stuffing Keywords  

But as Google was concerned with giving real people a chance. As there was a flaw with the current algorithm then. Anyone with a little knowledge of search engine optimization and no knowledge of content could make their website reach in the top result.  Because of this, the people, who wanted to read some information-based content were not happy with the result.   

Indeed, it was a great move. “Be real and be yourself” was the ultimate motto. It also gave great opportunities to the real people everywhere, and in all the fields.    I was not a victim in this case. In fact, it was a very eye-opening opportunity facing The Internet Algorithm and I was very happy with it.   Whenever people ask me about any SEO tip that could help them in their businesses specially photography-based business. I tell them to be as real as you can on the Internet. Making a business take a heck load of a time, and it is certainly going to be very tiring if you keep on acting like something you are not.   

Saying, the current algorithm of Google is actually very simple. And doesn’t require all the complicated things that were used to be done before.

Funny Internet Quote Oscar Wilde   

The Algorithm of Instagram   

  When I first started on Instagram it was years back, and I still remember following people that I deeply admired. Most of them were portraits & fine art photographers and Retouchers.   Then on a typical day with plenty of sunshine, I noticed that not all the people I followed were visible on the feed. Instagram had changed its algorithm. So now people didn’t appear on the feed like they used to do before.

Earlier the feed was in a chronological order. According to the time the post was made. But now, it was Instagram that was deciding who will see what.   There was a similar incident that happened before with Facebook, and then suddenly it was ruined for businesses. It was the same with Instagram. Now they wanted to charge you for every post that you would make.  

 The conclusion of the Internet Algorithm 

In my experience with these different platforms, I have realized that it never is a great idea to be dependent on a single platform. As the algorithm will change with time and all your efforts and hard work will be washed away.

  “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” 

Instead, it’s a better idea to invest more time in yourself. This way a slight change in the algorithm will not affect your business.  I personally recommend using a blog and a website always.   Thank you so much for reading. If there was also some algorithm change in your website that affected your business please share in the comments below, or feel free to write me an email.   

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