Can I used a Windows Mobile Phone is 2019?

Can I used a Windows Mobile Phone is 2019?

I used a Windows Phone for a week and here some of the things that I feel like I share on my blog.

I have had a hidden love for Operating Systems and Graphic Interface. Whenever I get to hear about a new OS, the first thing I try to do is get my hands over it to see what unique features it has.

So, that’s why I decided to do with my dad’s Lumia Windows phone that was lying in his drawer. I have had used a windows phone before but it was at least five years back, and that experience was certainly not over the top.   

Just to make this post super interested I tried to write this blog post on the window phone itself, and then the keyboard didn’t appear on the screen, so I waited for some minutes. And finally, happy to say that it worked like a charm. 

Taking a walk down with a window phone, that has been discontinued, here are some the amazing things this superphone is capable of doing.  


The Live Tiles of Windows Phone

Windows phone’s tiles are one of the most innovative things that have been used in the phones. It’s like android widgets but somehow looks cleaner and more useful.  

On a home screen, the live tiles keep on updating all the information, and that’s why there is no need to actually open the app. Reminder, notes, things to do and nearly everything can be pinned on the screen. Yes, this certainly can be done in android but unfortunately, android widgets don’t ever come close to windows live tiles.  This was the only one week this year when I didn’t forget any birthday. 


Windows App Store

This is one of the important reasons responsible for the downfall of the window mobile empire. But let’s be honest, there is no way it can only be counted in its cons. As Newton once said, while he was burning the Cuban cigar that his uncle had bought as a birthday gift, “Everything has an equal and opposite reaction”.  

The apps store of windows is perfect for the celibacy against applications. What is Celibacy against application? 

Celibacy against applications is a practice used in Zen Buddhism, where you try to detox your soul by not using any apps instead of that you try to use to the browser. And why even do that?

I personally have felt that the Windows App Store still has everything that is required to be productive. I can easily reply emails, see calendars, or read an article on the internet. And ask lame things to my old friend Mr. Cortana.

In fact, I can also edit my website on the browser. While I just took it as a challenge to completely use a Windows Phone for a week, I realized that there are so many things that can actually be done on any smartphone.  


Windows Mobiles don’t have perfect support for social media. So, it still is perfect if you are trying to stay away from it. Like I have done in the past. The path of great social detoxifications starts with a mobile that doesn’t have support anymore. eBay is a great place to buy detox mobile phones.

Keeping in mind, it does have support for productivity-based applications. Windows phone contains all the features that can be used for productivity.  I certainly won’t hurt your work. 

Graphical User Interface of Windows Mobile 

It does have a satisfying interface. Some of the swipe gestures that I have used in this phone are really amazing. Ease of usage in windows phone was made to make sure it very user-friendly. No, I am not comparing it to Android. Android is just too good. But unlike Android, windows phone didn’t have varieties of customization, but still, its native interface is very appealing.

Futuristic interface

The interface that was used in Windows Phone was too futurist for this time, in fact, there are chances that in future, some inspiration will surely be taken from it to make something that is really unique. Something so unique that it ought to be used in the futuristic version of Star Wars.

Minimalist design

It’s more like saying that the interface used in the windows mobile is simple and it does the job. Not too fancy and confusing.


Windows Phone Keyboard

They are my second-best place to type rather than using Blackberry. Windows phones have a great keyboard and they don’t do useless autocorrect mistakes. In fact, I couldn’t type faster and with great accuracy. I can type faster than blackberry. I know, you might be thinking why have I put blackberry first then?

I can type on blackberry without looking at the keyboard, I can look at the screen and feel like that my words are appearing on the screen. Not much of a big reason for anyone but I personally love looking at the text while typing, instead of staring at the keyboard.  

 However, SwiftKey falls under the subsidiary of Microsoft and pretty sure that it might deliver the same typing experience as in the Window Mobile. 


A final verdict on using Windows Mobile in 2019.

It was that one week that made me realize that how I surely would have considered getting a new windows phone if Microsoft would have planned to make some in future. Somehow, windows phones are considered to be discontinued. But It will continue to serve its purpose until the support is gone.

I remember how my first Windows PC that I owned had a Pentium 150-MHz processor and ran on a 32 MB ram, and it did the job as well. I definitely couldn’t play Battlefield in it.

Thank you for reading. Please share your feedback with any outdated Operating System that you believe has features better than any available OS, or something that you would like to include in your futuristic portable device.

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