How to Make a Perfect Coffee for Retouching?

How to Make a Perfect Coffee for Retouching?


You have put your pen tablet on right, the computer is plugged on, photoshop (Gimp ) is running. Soft music coming from the speakers around you, and you are about to remove the first blemish.

And yes, you have done it. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. A celebration is on your mind, stretching your hand to pick up the coffee mug that’s been luring you for so long. Finally taking a relieving sip, and then saying the three words of despair.


“What the hell is this?”


As a retoucher, you have to spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, that too truly is a blessing. Especially for people who are related to graphics and digital photography. The only kind of desk job I love. Once, I am done with a shoot, it actually is quite relaxing to sit and glance at the picture, or make a pattern of how the editing will be done.


There is a part of my job where I have always lagged behind. Yes, you have guessed it right. It’s how to make a perfect cup of coffee. Because as a caffeine addict – this needs to be done.


There are basically three types of Coffee in this world.

1- WTF Coffee

2- Normal Coffee

3- Dream Coffee

After so many years of experience as a WTF coffee maker, I was nearly proficient in it. I had the alchemy of turning a Dream coffee into a WTF one, only with the touch of my hand. The farthest I could go was to accidentally make Normal Coffee some days. And because of this, I was losing my obsessive grip over it.


Before I waste more time mentioning the topics that are not even minutely related to this post, let’s go ahead.

I was doing numerous mistakes while making Coffee. I realized that Making Coffee is a mixture of science and art.


How to get started-


A 10 minute warm up, followed by 100 pushups, 30 chin-ups, and 100 crunches. I know I have literally made this blog cheesy. God help me!


Water Should be Hot not Boiled

1)- First you need hot water. It should be between 91 to 96 degree Celsius, anything above 96 will burn coffee and it will start to taste like drinking coffee made up of ash. Anything, that goes below the 91 marks will give it a perfect depth and blend.


Boiling water will burn the Coffee

This is the one mistake that I have always made, I had to go through the internet to look for the mistake and was happy to know what I have been doing wrong. It’s all about the right amount!

And then adding coffee in the hot water, I prefer adding 1.5 gram of coffee in a small cup. But that’s just me, some people would add 10 grams, and some would like to snort it directly through the nose and then drink a small cup of milk.

The journey is completed if you like drinking coffee without milk and sugar. Continue ahead if you want to add milk.


Sweet Spot of Milk

Finally adding milk. Perfect amount of milk is the key – directly responsible for the perfection.


Funny Coffe quote by Sun Tzu

“Add less milk and the coffee would taste bitter, add too much and it will taste like milk.”

Sun Tzu – The Art of War of making a Coffee.


Journeys like these exclusively dependent on the taste of an individual. Some love bitter and some like mild. I like the knob in between. I don’t add sugar.  But I am sure it’s just like adding milk and then looking for the sweet spot. And, this is how, my friend, you will get a perfect retoucher’s cup of coffee.


But can I also make the same way if I am not a retoucher, Please?

Certainly, you can, I was just told by my Marketing and Seo manager, that happens to be my sister, to use the word ‘retouching and photography’, in your blog. So I am just following to work in a pattern. I guess you will even like my new blog. “How to enjoy your life? As a retoucher.”

Or “How to know if your child is a born retoucher?” or, one more, “Are retoucher safe to date?” Okay, this will be the last one, “How to spot a retoucher by his clothes?”


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