How relevant are the lists showing best or top fashion, boudoir or wedding photographers?

How relevant are the lists showing best or top fashion, boudoir or wedding photographers?

As I have already been mentioned in many lists, I think I am allowed to talk about this topic without being judged as a grumpy man who is writing about this because he never made it to any of these lists. You will come across lists every day about so many things – be it is best boudoir photographers India, best fashion photographers in Delhi, top wedding photographer of Bangalore or something else. But whenever you see these, also remember few of these below-mentioned points –

  1. Only Opinions
    All these lists are just opinions of various people and opinions are never objective, we have to remember that. I can add Salman Khan as best actor in my list, and you can add Shahrukh Khan at the first position in your list. We both will be having reasons for why he is on our list but none of those reasons can be truly justified as which one is correct and which one is not. If you see these lists, which one are you going to trust more?

  2. Little Biasing is Always There
    We are going to give you two scenarios here to help you understand this. Let’s say there is a journalist who is working on an article about top fashion photographers in the Indian industry. He does little research and makes a list of 10 such photographers but he also has a brother or sister or cousin or nephew or any such family member or friend who is also a fashion photographer, maybe not best. What do you think will happen? Is he going to publish a list of those 10 photographers that he found out after thorough research or is he going to bump one photographer (the unlucky one!) out of the list and make some space for his known one? We all know the answer here.

  3. Paid
    I was having a conversation with one of an experienced marketing professional lately who gained her experience working in many industries. While talking to her about these lists, she told me about how everything is driven by the goal of profit-making and this is responsible for leaving not much space for truth and genuineness. She then talked about how there are many magazine companies that are contacting her every now and then with various proposals, and most of the time it’s paid – not just by paying you will be included in any list, but if you double the amount, you can also have an interview published next to the list. She tells me about one such magazine that has nothing else but only lists based on various make-believe categories so that all the industry players can be included and the magazine company can make some profit out of everyone.
    So, there are very high chances that any list that you read recently was a paid one.

I never say to completely ignore these things, but I say that never judge anyone solely on the basis of these ratings, reviews or lists. Check these also, but then also remember to do your own research. Make your own list of best boudoir photographers, best candid wedding photographers or best fashion photographers and check work of all these photographers from your list, and then take an unbiased and right decision.

Have you ever booked any such artist on the basis of your trust placed in a list and felt disappointed later, please let us know in the comments so that we keep our audience as informed as we can.

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