How Not to Clean Lens Fungus?

How Not to Clean Lens Fungus?

A Way To Cleaning Lens Fungus…Not!

On a first attempt, the picture does look like an impression of a distant galaxy.  Something that is witnessing a supernova explosion. Secondly, it looks like a whole lot of a universe.

The Universe there has a hell load of fungus that has been living in my 50mm lens.

If you live in a super humid area, and in addition to that, you are naive when it comes to taking care of your photographic gadgets this is something you might face. 

My Experience with Cleaning Lens Fungus

Camera and lens are required to be kept in a particular temperature with maintained humidity. Else, there are chances that you too can have a universe living inside your lens.  Philosophically, there really is. But when the universe becomes practical it’s a bit scary. 

This time, I decided to take it as a challenge to clean my lens by myself.

In this constant struggle to disassemble and assemble the lens. Plus dedicating more than 6 hours to this task. I was finally able to find the one and most impotent answer to the question: 

How Not To Clean Lens Fungus? 

And the answer is, “…Yourself! Don’t clean it yourself.” Period. 

End of the post!.



Now, if you are still reading the post. This means you like challenges. You probably believe that the evolution from the apes was not very accurate, you feel like you might have evolved from any other form of a furious animal. Or maybe you didn’t choose the thug life as it chose you. Maybe You love games that include scary tasks like paragliding, rock climbing, lens cleaning etc.

Now getting to the point, here are a few points that you should keep in your mind. If you plan to do it by yourself.

  • You might damage your lens. 
  • You might end up creating scratched in the inner lens tube. (But at least fungus will be gone) 
  • You might make a great showpiece lens. 
  • You would lose autofocus.  (If you are unable to keep your hands gentle.)
  • You might sell it on eBay for pennies.

Lens Cleaning Ambience ( A perfect solution to lens cleaning atmosphere)

Before you go ahead, keep in mind that you have to make completely dust free & moisture free environment.  Else you might end up leaving some trails of dust in lenses again. And then, you have to repeat the same process.  

Requirements for cleaning lens

Grab a huge tray, so that you can keep the disassembles stuff there. A lens is made up of some very tiny and sensitive glass so it’s better to keep them aside safe.

And, do you remember the latex gloves that you have been hiding under the closet? It’s a super amazing time to get them out as lenses are super sensitive to finger touch.  

Disassembly of the lens

Go ahead the and disassemble the lens, I won’t be posting the instruction to do that. There was a YouTube video that I followed to do that.  It is a good step by step guide that I followed. 

In fact, all lenses can’t be opened in a similar way. Some lenses require screwdriver other require a special lens opener. There are so many great videos and blogs that can help in you opening your lens without creating a mess. 

Liquid for Lens Cleaning

I used liquid some on the inner lens tube. And then even tried 99.9% isopropyl in the other one. The result was similar. You can clean with alcohol. Don’t be afraid to take a sip if things are not going the way they should. Even more, if you have scratched it: Binge it!

Material for lens cleaning 

Use microfiber lens to wipe. They can be easily available on eBay and Amazon.  Do not use any other type of cloth or tissue paper. I have tried that and trust me you would not want to know what I do with those lenses, and you really do not want to know what I did in the summer of 2015.

That’s it! You have made it. 



There are only two necessary things that I have said in the entire post.  

Do not clean it by yourself, especially if you panic when you see screwdrivers and messy tables. And certainly, do not drink isopropyl.

I would love to hear your story about your experience with lens cleaning. How it turned out for you. 

It turned out good for me, as I was successfully able to do that. But it was more complicated and sensitive than I thought. 

Will I ever do it again?  I will do that with old and cheap lenses, I won’t try to do it on an expensive lens or DSLR.

Thank you for reading this post.  

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