What am I doing when I am not taking photographs? And how buying a Ukulele changed my life.  

What am I doing when I am not taking photographs? And how buying a Ukulele changed my life.  

What am I doing when I am not taking photographs? And how buying a Ukulele changed my life.  


It was a cold evening in December. The year was 2015, and I had just received some payment for a shoot that was to be scheduled to be done in the first week of January.  

So, for people who do not know me, I love living a minimum lifestyle. And I prefer not buying things that will be exciting for some days but later they will be locked up in a cupboard. Or, will probably be thrown out. Might even end up listed on eBay. 

But, as I have always been, musically curious. I really wanted to buy a Ukulele. But I was scared that I might do the same with it as I did with my harmonica, bamboo flute, Napali sarangi, and Casio keyboard. etc.  Finally decided to be a dead fish in an ocean, going with the flow, and I actually couldn’t stop myself from buying it. 

So, there was, standing on a lonely road with the first Ukulele that I bought. Not very sure, how I felt. When I reached home, the first thing that I noticed was the tuning. 

I have been playing the guitar for a really long time. So, if we move the 5the fret of the guitar and play the bottom 4 strings. We will actually have a Ukulele. So, there was a line of happiness on me. It was not a bad decision at all. That meant I wouldn’t have to learn a new instrument. Phew!  


Entry to actual Music 

The reason why ukulele has always been very close to me is that of the reason – it was the path that took me towards actual music. I don’t know why I couldn’t learn that way while I was playing the guitar. Ukulele taught me about notes, scales and everything that even made my guitar skills better. My first step towards learning music by ear and getting to know the music theory. What could be better? It was a like dream. 



Never in my life, after being introduced to a Ukulele, have traveled without it. I don’t even care if I will be so busy that I won’t be able to play it, I have to make sure it is near me. You can always drop one in your car’s trunk or in your backpack and you would never feel like that you are taking anything extra, its lightweight and doesn’t give any strains on shoulders.  


A better portable guitar than more of the travel guitar. 


A Ukulele is surely a better option than the travel guitar. Here I have said it!  

It was also suggested by one of the guitar teachers I am in touch with. A Ukulele is a better option than a travel guitar. You can certainly practice the scales, make music and do things that you do on a guitar. I know that it doesn’t go for thousands of people who are a hardcore guitarist. A hardcore guitarist can travel will 3 guitars and a huge amplifier and that’s ‘my friends, the power of music.  

Or maybe add a drum kit for more passion and dedication.  

I always carry a ukulele even when I am traveling for work.  What can beat the feeling of getting back home after a tiring day and see your ukulele can’t wait to be strummed? Don’t know why It didn’t sound too right. Though I hope the message was sent. 


A Bundle of Happiness

It’s not about the journey but the background music when you travel. A ukulele with C tuning is so happy. Whatever you play on it will make a happy song. Unless you are really deep and want to move from minors to minors to get the sad high.

Keep your ears on the movies and tv shows you watch, when there is an intensely happy scene, you might hear the ukulele.  Not the normal kind of happiness. But like fu*king happy! 



I love giving a background music in my life now, an ecstasy of happiness and there I go playing the delightful chords progression. Also, awfully untune ukuleles are great for making a scary sound. Just if you have spent some time on it. You will realize that the Ukulele has good potential for all sorts of music. Not just limited to the happy sound. 


Funny Ukulele Quote Lao Tzu

As they say, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step with an Ukulele in your bag pack. – Lao Tzu

Native Pronunciation of Ukulele is “Oo koo lay lay”


Feel free to write me regarding how ukulele changed your life. I will reply back. Who doesn’t like a deep late conversation about ukulele strings?



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