List of Four Random Things That Made My 2018 Great

List of Four Random Things That Made My 2018 Great

New year resolutions have a bigger relapse rate than heroin addiction. Now, where did I get this statistic information? Obviously, Facebook. Isn’t it so reliable?

Just like any normal person who gets excited by a new year, decreasing age, and preceding old age. I Make Resolutions! Sometimes, I make resolutions just because I have a habit of making resolutions.  

I found the magic of self-discipline in 2018. Discipline – something I always longed for but never had. Though the way to discipline I was introduced to so many great thoughts that I started following that year.

Here is the list of three things made my life amazing. Not particularly started following on January first. Somewhere in between, that’s for sure. The important part is that I was able to stick to the resolutions.

The All-You-Can-Eat Buffet- Intermittent Fasting

I once read a joke that said that women want to eat without getting fat and that’s all they want. If it’s your dream too. It is something that wakes you at night. Intermittent fasting is one thing that can help you in binging without getting fat.

You can eat till your stomach hurts. Still stay in shape. I have eaten till my stomach hurt and I couldn’t move an inch, So I stayed there like a seal resting on a beach. Doesn’t it sound like a blessing? (Please note that my food has no sugar, so refined products and I make them myself. Don’t even think of trying it on processed food.) 

Following the old eating pattern of our forefather homo-sapiens, and eating only in 4-hour eating proud.  It’s something like eat for 4 hours and then fast for 20 hours. Just like hunters would do.

It has done miracles for me. I have lost a total of 14 kgs, and several other amazing healthy changes in my body. Mental alertness, no laziness, so much stamina and the maintained blood sugar.   

Just to make it clearer to you. I am adding one link that can help you to understand Intermittent fasting better.   A Beginner’s Guide To Intermittent Fasting. 



Eat a live Frog Everyday  

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” 

― Mark Twain 


Start your day with a task that you have been delaying for long. That could be the outline of your book, starting a new blog, or something that you must do but you don’t want to.

 Professional procrastinators can even delay for centuries. Sad story, but procrastination is such a habit where you can delay your tasks for super pointless pleasures. Watching youtube, bingeing tv shows or anything that is delaying you from doing the work.

I understand, every great thing has some super boring elements.  Like editing a book once it is done.

Like photography is a great way to showcase your creativity, but marketing it becomes a boring task. And that boring task can be easily delayed.  I know a lot of people who loved the guitar but were afraid of the time it would take to get better at it. And yes, I am not forgetting the blisters.

How about you start with the day of doing the task you have always been delayed. Give it a try. Tomorrow morning, edit the first chapter of your book or start a long journey to marketing your artwork. A habit makes everything easy.

That boring task is usually the frog. Eat it right now and spend your entire day like a hero. Boring tasks that can be delayed are the backbone of a goal.  

Mohammad Ali once said, I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'”

“Do something everything day that makes you yawn.” I yawned writing about this. Did you too?


The happiness of Human – Companionship is More Important Than Goals.  

Do not let this procrastinate you. But none of the goals will make you as good as something that you share with different people.  

This is something I never believed in. I kept on working day and night, for years believing that It was all I needed. But as time passed the vail in front of my eyes was removed and then I saw this. Let us think for a second that you completed of the most important dreams of your life and then you tweeted about it.  

And later that night. you shared it with someone that you love. It is a completely different feeling, even a thousand retweets can’t replicate that feeling.

Emotions are something that runs us. Most people are already aware of all this, but I was not. So feels great to be back. 

Reading – Never Stop Learning

Being born with a book phobia, I remember, when as was a kid, I could crawl a centipede on my legs but I panicked when I saw books. Densely written paragraphs made me shiver in my blanket at night. However now, I am not even scared to read a 1000 pages book. Continuously reading is not something that I am scared of anymore.

I completed my challenge of reading 50 books in 2018, also including audiobooks.

In 2011, I forced myself to read a book. It was hard then and I could be easily distracted. And fast forward to 3 years, this is the best gift I have given myself as I really adore reading.

Doesn’t go a day when I do not read. I read every day – on any topic – without getting bored. Every single book that I have read has taught me something unique. What can be better than anything? 

 Thank you for reading.

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