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Artistic Nude Photography India

Artistic Nude photography is one the most complicated form of photography. As it requires in-depth knowledge of lighting, posing & body. Because as a fine art nude photographer, you have to make sure that any of these pictures should not go towards  any form of obscenity. In the end, the basic goal is to present nudity in a beautiful and artistic expression.

Tantra fine art nude photography

Nude Photography and Implied Nude Photography

There are generally two forms of nude photography: nude and implied nude.

  • Implied Nude Photography

    Implied nude has implications. For this reason, there are some restrictions and not completely bare body is shown. It is mostly covered very artistically with hands or other props. That’s why it is more presentable out of the two form of photography. It also makes is perfect of advertisement, fashion nude and thats why it is mostly used in the advertisements and the magazine covers.

    There are few other types of photography that are also a form of implied nude photography. For example boudoir photography. This intimate form of photography is mainly used for ‘body as a celebration’.  

  • Nude Photography

    Another one is nude photography, which shows the complete bare body. This genre of photography is also called as God’s Art. In this case, images are presented purely as art. I personally find it tougher as compared to implied nude photography.  Because in this you are supposed to depict an unclothed person in a favourable and artistic way without crossing the boundary of obscenity.

     That is a very challenging task for a photographer! Example of this genre is fine art nudes. In reality, fine art photography is a big set which includes various other types of art forms including fine art implied nude photography, as well as fine art nude photography.
fine art nude photography india

Purpose Of Artistic Nude Photography

  • Body Acceptance – Naked Photography

    This is the type of photography that encourages body acceptance without any types of insecurities.  As an artist, the main purpose is to create a beautiful and sculpted form of a human body. It’s about accepting a human body as nature has intended, without the layers of clothes.

    Acceptance of a human body as a part of nature, and not detached from it artificiality. As once you drop that layer, you are just like any other human – not defined by any culture or ethnicity.

  • Nudity – The God’s Art

    A human body is in itself very beautiful and thus always forms a great subject for photography. Just by shifting the direction of lights there are different types of bodyscapes that can be made, and resemblance with the real nature can be always found. 

    Even though there is a naked model in the picture, the focus still remains on the artistic expression of a nude picture, rather than on nudity. It’s about being one with the nature. And the lack of clothes brings totally different, unbridled emotions in a picture. Fine Arts nude photography that I do is no way related to eroticism and more about the deep emotions that humans have deep down. 
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Nude photography by Neeraj Agnihotri
artistic nude photography DElhi

Neeraj Agnihotri is published internationally for his artistic nude photography. For him, nude photography is one of the best ways of expressing a body through art. He is available to travel worldwide for such shootings. 

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