Why Fine Arts Photography Is So Different?

Why Fine Arts Photography Is So Different?

How To Differentiate Fine Art Photography From Other Forms Of Photography

As not everyone knows what makes fine art photography so unique and different from other types, I am jotting down few important points that I can think of, to help people who are viewing my work, understand the differences and appreciate its beauty.

  • Needs Artistic Vision

    In this form of photography, a photo artist wants to convey something with his work that verbal expression is failing to convey. It requires an artistic photographic vision that has the power of converting thought into a picture, signs into a language, and a dream into a painting.

    The vision can be about anything the artist is passionate about – from nature to magic. However, its a form of art and can be done in any way.

  • Meaningfulness

    An art photo is something that evokes an immediate reaction, an emotional impact, and makes a deep mental impression.

    That’s why, these fine art photography prints find their place in an art gallery or on the walls of some art lover’s home, In that case, it can also be termed as decor photography or photo decor.

  • About What Artist Sees

    Fine arts photography is only about the vision. It’s about what the artist is seeing in front of him through that camera. That is what differentiates it from photo-journalism or photojournalistic style of photography as in photojournalism the photographer is documenting or taking pictures of exactly what is existing in front of him, not what is appearing in his artistic mind.

  • Not Commercial

    Fine arts photography stands on a totally different side when compared to commercial photography. The sole purpose of an artist making a photography art is to express himself. Again, it’s about what he desires to convey by his fine art prints. Consequently, he has the freedom to choose his subject and style. Unlike a commercial photographer, a fine art photographer’s work reflects his ideas and not his clients’.

    He creates those pictures without being a part of any contract. He is not doing it for any commercial reasons. All he aims for is that his art will be appreciated for its beauty and his vision, and will create an overwhelming sensation by its strong visual impact.

  • Camera Is Just Another Tool

    Cameras in fine art photography become merely a tool that the artist is going to use to construct his vision. It’s a very common quote in photography,

    “When people ask me what equipment I use – I tell them my eyes.”

    A point often overlooked is a simple camera with a simple lens is way more than you will ever need to take a great picture. With years of experience, fine art photographers not only learn to be an expert at handling cameras, but they also learn more about taking photographs with just their eyes and mind.

    Once you are aware and sure of what you want to capture in a photograph you can even do it with a mobile phone’s Cameras, and the result is going to be amazing.

  • Form of Expression

    When it comes to various styles of photography, Fine Art Photography is one of the most expressive forms. Artists use fine arts photography to personify his shapeless and formless nebula of thoughts.

    In a similar fashion, other art forms are for their respective creators – a medium to express. There is an interesting artistic statement behind every picture. By the same token, I also find it very similar to the literature. “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This quote is something that strengthens its comparison with the literature.

  • Photography As Art

    Other forms of photography have often been debated whether they can be considered as a form of art or not. All the time, the answer was more towards the side of ‘no’ than ‘yes’. But this has never been the case with Fine Art photography as this is a work of creative freedom and artistic experiment of a photographer. ts produced remarkable works and introduced some of the biggest names in arts. As a result, this form is synonymous with art. For the same reason, it is also called as artistic photography or art photography.

    Fine art pictures are also sold like paintings, and they make perfect home decor or priceless legacy item. Considering these points, we can say that

    “When a photograph becomes art, it is a fine art picture.”

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