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Fashion photography is a genre of photography that focuses on displaying fashion items. Its especially for clothes. Fashion photography involves stylists, best fashion retouchers, make-up artists, models and fashion photographers. They all work together as a team on a fashion brand, which later becomes a part of fashion magazine or advertisements.

They all work with a fashion brand with utmost attention. so that a fashion photographer can create a desired image of the designer wear.
What attracts me to fashion photography is its vividness. The liveliness of colours and stable composition of Photographs. Coupled with, its eye-catching creativity that transcends so many limitations of the senses. A top fashion photographer anywhere in the world, like New York, Delhi or Mumbai. The versatility to bring that something extra in his fashion pictures is the key. Additionally, I pay particular attention to lighting, space and various other things.
What is most important for all the top fashion photographers? Spending time with the subject of the picture. It helps in developing a connection which brings the subject out of its shell. I have noticed that once you can establish the trust with your subjects. You can create that look, or atmosphere you want to achieve in your fashion pictures.


editorial fashion photographer Delhi
editorial fashion photographer Delhi
fashion photography India
top fashion photographer Delhi
editorial fashion photographer Delhi
fashion photographer Delhi

Types Of Fashion Photography I Offer 

Editorial Photography / Editorial Fashion Photography / Editorial Portrait Photography

These are the types of fashion photographs that you find in various publications like a fashion magazine (magazine cover or magazine spread) or a newspaper. Their purpose is mainly to sell a theme, idea or a story. In this type, the fashion photography is not just about the garments. But, on the other hand, it’s also about the mood that the shoot is trying to convey, the situation in which the fashion clothing is worn and the emotion it is trying to project. It comprises fashion product and the environment in which it is placed; fashion model and the lifestyle which she is representing. Most of the time these pictures are a result of a creative story that has been materialised in the form of a picture by the editorial fashion photographer but not in the form of the written text. 

Unlike other fashion portrait photography, editorial portrait photography is not necessarily required to depict realism. It can be a surrealistic image as well. Only challenging part is to keep that connection with the viewer alive. As an editorial fashion photographer, I make sure that my pictures are telling a story and developing a connection with its viewers. I consider that as the soul of any great fashion editorial image. As the purpose of this genre is not selling stuff, storytelling becomes very important. Working for magazine editorials and campaigns is mainly a work of a team. And being together with other innovative minds is an amazing experience in itself to me.

High Fashion Photography

These are the shoots that generally require those unique runaway models. The high fashion shoot is then made eclectic by the use of exotic locations, storylines and post-processing work. It is mainly used by big fashion brands. As a result, the styling plays a very important role in this type. Clothes, makeup, accessories and props are used to create a dramatic on fantasy images. A high fashion photographer places equal importance on the background of the picture also.

As a high fashion photographer from India, I don’t mind going to great length to get that compelling picture with something extra in it. I am well aware that nobody wants to see the same type of images again and again in magazines and that’s what I enjoy….the creativity this field brings in me. I can create a simple still and also a staged and dramatic still like a movie scene. My goal always remains to create the most artistic fashion visuals with the help of my camera, my models, my team, my imagination and my vision that makes you look at my image more than once.

Commercial Photography / Catalogue Photography

Commercial Photography sells clothes, makeup, accessories & hair products. It involves working with the local designers to create a lookbook. The focus remains on the clothes so as all the details are clear. The pose of the model is reflective. Commercial photographer or catalog photographer helps in generating sales for the client.
I have done commercial shoots all over India for national and international designers. From photography of international designer gowns to photography of branded lingerie. I have had the experience of being a part of various types of products. A top commercial photographer will always vary his style according to the product. The photography style followed for dresses won’t be the same for shoes. As shoes photography requires different composition and style.
commercial fashion photography Delhi

Advertising Photography

Advertising photography is mainly to sell or promote brands. The advertising photographer will try to create an image that will be selling a product, or an idea related to that. He has to make sure that everything forming a part of these advertisement shoots – products, props, models and other things – is maintaining and uplifting the spirit of the brand. The resulting pictures will then be used to communicate the brand’s message on billboards, magazines, posters or flyers.

With years of experience, I have polished my fashion photography and high end retouching skills to give life to a product. And that product can be a fashion clothing, a piece of jewelry, any accessory or something else. Not only I know how to bring out the perfect look and feel, but also the quality of the product, thus giving a better experience to the viewer.

advertising fashion photography Delhi
advertising fashion photography Delhi

Beauty Photography / Beauty Portrait Photography

Beauty photography is generally done for makeup or cosmetic products. The focus always remains on the beauty of the subject. It involves high levels of skills like: makeup, hair styling, photography and retouching. Beauty shoots are usually close-up and headshots.
Top beauty photographer prefers makeup and hair to have alluring creativity. Also, the right use of lighting during beauty shoot and the right amount of retouching after beauty shoot becomes very important.
The post-processing work or high end beauty retouching needs maintenance of the texture. So that the natural hair and skin help in maintaining the natural beauty. It gives images that your audience can relate, and not something that can be rejected by them as fake. Beauty photography gives the ability to display a beauty shot without losing quality
It’s one of my favourite type of photography as it’s all about creating something beautiful. I have the eye for beauty, and so does my camera. Two things most important for a beauty shoot – aesthetic eye and technical skills. It’s important to make something that pleases our senses especially eyes. To make a strong visual impact. Such pictures have perfect colour, light, form, composition, shape, creativity, and mood. It’s all about capturing perfection and showing all the details.
top beauty photographer delhi
best beauty photographer India

Photography Genres Focusing on Models – GlamourPhotography – Modelling Photography

fashion photography India
fashion photography india, modelling portfolio shoot Delhi

Neeraj Agnihotri

Neeraj Agnihotri, with more than seven years of experience, is an expert fashion, advertising & beauty photographer from Delhi, India. He has worked with many clients from all over the world. As he is also a very experienced high end fashion retoucher, he himself likes retouching all the images later to drive them to the perfection.

neeraj agnihotri
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