The Art of tuning between the fine line of sensuality and vulgarity

In this guide, I will be talking about some ethics that photographers need to follow in order to be professional and ethical.

Fields of photography like — Boudoir and nude is slightly sensitive, and it requires some directions to be followed.

The guide will also include how you can make your subject more comfortable in order to get some great artistic pictures, and how you can develop an excellent connection with your subject.

I will be not be sharing any photography or technicality related tips here. Will strictly focus on the aspect of photographing your subject nude, or semi-nude artistically.

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Being Extra Careful with Photographs If you Are Working for A Client.

If a client wants the images for themselves and does not want to share it with you. Feel free to delete them from your archive. Sometimes telling that clients that you will be deleting the pictures will give the desired comfort that they are looking for before booking a shoot.

This works great with boudoir photography. Read: How Do We Make Our Clients Feel Comfortable During a Boudoir Session?

Take Model Release Very Seriously

One of the first tasks that need to be done before you start a boudoir/fine-arts nude shoot — get the model release signed.

It shows professionalism and also makes your model confident.

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Check the I.D. Before Shooting

Consider the Age Factor before shooting. Be very strict with it.

Take permission before recording the entire session

If you are planning to record the entire session for any reason, take permission from the model. Do not start shooting the video before asking your subject. Some people don’t like it, so better to ask it.

Take Security Very Seriously

Especially if you are shooting a client. Making your subject feel safe can make them super comfortable. Make sure of absolute privacy.

Do not under any circumstances compromise with security and privacy.

Be Very Professional

One important factor that makes your subject super comfortable. Professionalism with friendliness is all that is required. It depicts experience and skills.


Yes, do not become creepy. Not under any circumstance touch your model. Even if you are trying to explain a pose to her.

Try doing the pose yourself and ask her to imitate it. This is exactly I have been asking my models to pose.

End the Session by Complimenting

“How it was all great and how hard she worked, and you admire it.”

Especially if you are working with amateurs, it will work like a charm, and will drastically boost their confidence for some other projects.

#There are several creepy stories about how some photographers asked the model out after the shoot, or just asked them to stay. Incidents like these lead to the demise of their career. Don’t be like them.

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Making Your Model Comfortable 

Feel Good Stuff  

 Use good scent and good music to please the senses of your model. It will reflect on the mood as well as the photographs. Make a long upbeat playlist for the shoot. 

Something sad and ambient songs make the situation gloomy. Keep them away from those playlists.

The Half-Hour Rule  

Once the first half hour of your shoot is over, the model will gradually become comfortable. This works good for introverted photographers- You too will be comfortable. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. 


They make situations more awkward and uncomfortable. Try using lame unfunny jokes like used in play school. Use jokes that are blended with appreciations, they are the best.

Remember, if used rightly, humor does miracles.  


Be very gentle with looking. If you have been called a creep gazer before, you really need to work on yourself. No fixed stare under any circumstanced. Smiling more is the best way to make a friendlier contact with your subject. It always makes the situation better.  

Stay Away Fron Distractions  

Silent your phones. The photo-session should have your undivided attention.

Especially, if you are shooting your client then it’s a no brainer that they deserve a leisure time of the shoot.

A photo shoot is often like a therapy session, sometimes it’s like a session of meditation.  

A phone buzzing it between often break the contact with your subject. Keep it in a silent mode. Do not start texting in between.  

That way it will be more relaxing and enjoyable.  

Keep on Communicating with the Subject  

 It can surely help in building confidence. 

Communications don’t always mean unnecessary babbling. Listening is a major part of communication. Listen to what your model is trying to say through her words and though her body.  

Don’t be afraid of silence as sometimes the silence works better. Especially, if you have done the shoot before, or your subject is already comfortable. If you are dealing with an extroverted client, keep on asking questions, and be genuinely interested in what they have to say.  

Keep The blood sugar of Your Subject Normal  

This surely might seem funny for some people. Back in the days, when I started shooting, I witnessed a model become irritable after some hours of shooting. Only then I was lucky enough to realize that it was drop-in blood sugar. Some models follow a strict diet that doesn’t include enough carbohydrate.  

It’s mandatory to offer refreshments that will raise their blood sugar and they will be happy again. Once it happens, she will be least interested in your photographs.  

Maintaining the Temperature 

A location that’s too cold or too hot can make your subject very uncomfortable.  

Find the Style of The Model  

Every person is unique, and once you have found the style that your subject can depict the best, the shoot will become much better and easy. In fact, you will then be able to capture a masterpiece of a photograph.  

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Some of the points mention in the articles are very easy, but there is no doubt that they are super important. Artistic nude photography and Boudoir photography share a form of sensitivity that ought to be maintained to succeed in this field.  

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