Digital Manipulation In Fine Arts Photography

Digital Manipulation In Fine Arts Photography

Use Of Creative Retouching In Fine Art Photography

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For achieving a matte painting look, sometimes, fine art photography also includes creative retouching. In that case, it is also referred to as Digital Art or Photoshop Manipulation. Many other times, a fine art photographer uses the advanced techniques of retouching to give shape to his dreamlike thoughts. He is required to take help of the digital manipulation techniques to add those ethereal elements and give life to his vision. Therefore, it is also termed as Conceptual Photography as the artist is working on a concept in this genre.

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Amount of retouching completely depends on the idea on which the artist is working and his thought-expressing style. There are artists who work on fine art nature photography, where the amount of retouching needed is comparatively negligible. Then, there are artists like myself who are working on their wild fanciful imagination that doesn’t exist in the real world.

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To emphasize, let’s say there is an artist whose style revolves around those unrealistic Kafkaesque type of ideas. In no circumstance, he will be able to embody his vision without using some advance retouching skills. For this reason, we can say that sometimes the use of retouching becomes very essential in fine art photography.

surreal fine art photography India

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