Detachment from The Journey Once It’s Over 

Detachment from The Journey Once It’s Over 

With the blog post, I will be trying a new thing. I will be posting random wisdom based things that I find in my everyday life.  Sophocles once said while he was trying to look for the pencil that he put on his desk, “Who seeks shall find.” 

It could be based on anything. It could be finding love, success, wisdom or beauty in our everyday life.  This is my attempt to looks for wisdom around and then share it on my blog. 

I found this in one of my dad’s book, “The Upanishads” When I was randomly flipping the pages when my eyes fell on this quote. The blog is my perception of these ancients words of wisdom.

The Journey of Life

If you, for a second, take a deep breath and look around your life. If you can focus on your journey that is particularly based on everyone and everything around you.  

You will see that every person you know has a particular story and you are a part of their journey, and they are a part of yours. Just like you are traveling in a train, every platform that comes along will depart and deboard some people. Meanwhile, there are chances that you can develop a bond with the people that board and come across your way.  

There is also a slight chance that they are not going towards the place where you are going. However, the fun fact is that it will be full of enthusiasm if you are able to keep the child inside you alive.  


Reminisces of The Journey

Do you remember the time one you first met your childhood love?  Looking back, coloring the color book, you will notice It was a journey. How often do you look back and think about the things that were really pleasing or things that engraved a profound effect on your life?

Maybe it was a deep bond you shared with a person or a goal that you have completed. 

The past relationship with a person that you could never get out of? That severely had a painful effect on you. The memories that still crawl back into your mind every now and then. Things that do not let you sleep, or a pile of thought that get you off the bed even before the alarm clock rings.  There could be years since you have even used an alarm clock.  Maybe it was the departure of a loved one.  

The End Of A Journey

We always are going on a journey with everyone around us. And someday, that story has to end. An end is inevitable.  But there is no need to be sad about it. As you don’t end with a story.  

In fact, somewhere around the world, someone else is introduced as a new protagonist.

A flower is always replaced by another one. When you lose love, someone else finds it. Click To Tweet

When you lose a friend a someone else starts a new journey of prolonging friendship.  

But whenever that story ends you have to make sure that you have detached yourself from the story. Instead keeping it is a memory always is better. However, attachment to it can bring pain and suffering.  Was the ancient text trying to tell us that   It’s a better way to live – to keep leaving the stories and the situation that keeps on ending?  And you moreover become a part of another beautiful story.  

Detachment from the journey once it’s over can lead to a more stable life than to swing back from extreme highs and extreme lows.  

The Conclusion Of Detachment

One thing that you constantly need to remind yourself is: You never want to travel on a journey that’s been completed.  As, if you do, the journey will become painful.

I will be posting more of this random wisdom on my blog frequently. Let me know if you liked it, please feel free to write me back if you want to share anything.

Thank you so much!

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