E-Commerce Retouching for Online Brands

E-Commerce Retouching for Online Brands

Tips for E-commerce retouching for Brands

If I look back, till now- June 2018, I have edited more than thousands of pictures for e-commerce usages, and I can very confidently say that the images do not require an extreme amount of editing at all. E-commerce retouching is more about selling a product. So, when retouching, that one thing that needs the most attention. Detailing and enhancement of a product.

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E-commerce Retouching  Helps in Selling

Keeping in mind, if the product has extreme retouching it will be returned by the buyer claiming that, ‘It is not even close to what I bought’.¬† It has also become one of the most common reasons for a refund. Also mentioned in nearly all the e-commerce websites that I have used till now.

Apart from that, I have a good experience even dealing with people who wanted to make their product look superficially good, so that the product will look so good on the screen and then the buyer will be tempted to buy it. And in most care, utterly disappointed when the product reaches him/her.

Too Much Retouching is a Mistake

In 2017, I received a query from a startup brand that was dealing with lingeries for online sale. From the list of changes, improving the quality of the fabric was also there. When I first send them the retouched images, this is what I received from them?

“Can I make you improve the texture of the fabric so that it looks elite?” So I did as they wished.

However, the difference between the first and the final product was massive? It was not even close to what It was before. I have had numerous incidents like this before. And it has taught me the importance of not manipulating the product too much.

Product Return Rate due to Retouching

According to online return rates articles. (Data from www.invespcro.com/)

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According to another website that also showcased the same data, claimed that 22% of the returns were because of the product images, it was because the product looked very different in reality, whereas in pictures it was entirely different.

Having great-looking pictures for any product will surely bloom the sales. But when it intersects with an extreme form of editing manipulation, it creates a massive difference between the actual product the digital images. Greatly retouching images might look great for some people why they indeed are a disappointment for a buyer.

Anyway, I haven’t heard about that company again. Intact, their website is not active, and the other sections of e-commerce websites where they were listed contains no items. Last update on Instagram was in 2017, and the previous blog was written on 12th April 2016. Like I have seen with a greater number of websites.

My only attempt here is to shed light on the competition in the e-commerce industry, and how retouching plays an essential part of it.


Views on ‘Best E-Commerce Retouching’ – The Conclusion

E-commerce retouching is something that should be used for enhancing the product. If I have to be honest here, e-commerce retouching is not a very complicated form of retouching though it does require a good amount of knowledge. Anyone who is experienced for a year or so can do it. But the fine line between, where the image starts to look cooked is something that only an experienced person can maintain.

Earlier in my retouching days, I used to spend so much time on fixings different elements of the pictures, but now I feel, ‘Why not use the same efforts of retouching to think how you will be able to sell? It indeed is the most important element.

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