Book Cover Photography – Finding Great Book Covers

Whenever I want to design a book cover. I have to go through my closet of old photographs. It is a beautiful place there.    Why deleting photographs are never a great idea?   Earlier, as an amateur, I always deleted pictures that I did not like. Believing that the first 10,000 pictures are the worst. In fact, I took some of my best pictures during that. Every single picture that we capture has a story in itself, and if used in a particular topic it…


8 Tips To help You In Capturing Amazing Pictures of Indian brides

   A Small Guide To Capture Amazing Indian bridal portraits for amateurs as well as professionals.  No wedding photography session feels complete without some jaw-dropping bridal portraits. A bride is the center of attraction of every wedding, so is the groom, but no is more astonished to see the groom as they are to see the bride. Especially because a wedding is a day when a bride looks no less than a beautiful princess. By following only a few tips and tricks a simple portrait session can become a mind-boggling bridal…

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