Neeraj Agnihotri is an internationally published Fine Arts and Fashion Photographer in India. This blog is about his life behind the camera. From photography to ukulele strumming, and from cinematography to writing, and various other topics; this blog has everything. In Short, The Life Of An Artist.

What am I doing when I am not taking photographs? And how buying a Ukulele changed my life.  

What am I doing when I am not taking photographs? And how buying a Ukulele changed my life.      It was a cold evening in December. The year was 2015, and I had just received some payment for a shoot that was to be scheduled to be done in the first week of January.   So, for people who do not know me, I love living a minimum lifestyle. And I prefer not buying things that will be exciting for some days but later they will be locked up…


A Random Blog Post With Some Pictures of My Dog

Some Pictures of my German Shepherd Dog, Annie. I had to delete my Tumblr Account for the apparent reason that no one visited it. After I was going through some of my pictures on Pinterest. I noticed that there were several people who like and admired my pictures on Tumblr.  So, I did what any common person would do. I tried to join the community to interact with the people. Although no one visited my Tumblr blog, it was nice to see so many of my dark fine-art pictures that people…


I Used a Windows Phone in 2018 After They Were Discontinued

I used a Windows Phone for a week and here some of the things that I feel like I share on my blog. I have had a hidden love for Operating Systems and Graphic Interface. Whenever I get to hear about a new OS, the first thing I try to do is get my hands over it to see what unique features it has. So, that's why I decided to do with my dad's Lumia Windows phone that was lying in his drawer. I have had used a windows…


Three Habits I Quit Last Year

3 Habits That I Quit Last Year That Lead To Psychological Freedom   My notes are flooded with so many random thought, concepts, chord progression, to-do list, and poetry. Yes, I do write lines now and then. I read somewhere, "Bless me with the verse." And it left a huge impact on me. Not everything that I have written on my notes makes sense. Averagely, I write 3-4 notes every day. Writing notes had been my secret pleasure. But the procrastinator in me just lets…


How to Heal a Person Through the Power of Listening?

Let us start with one experience that changed my life, and I am quite sure that same can change yours, or maybe, you can help in changing someone else’s life with it. Change in a way to pluck someone out of a self-pitied world they have been living in, with the power of LISTENING! In a world where nearly everyone has a story to tell, but not everyone has a person who is willing to listen to them, without relating it to their own story,…

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