Neeraj Agnihotri is Delhi based Fashion Photographer & High End Reotucher. This blog is about his life behind the camera. From photography to ukulele strumming, and from high end retouching to writing, and various other topics; this blog has everything. In Short, The Life Of An Artist.

10 Tips To Improve High End Beauty Retouching

10 Tips to Help you Improve Your High-End Beauty Retouching I have been doing retouching for the past seven years. During this phase, I was able to find some mistakes that I was making, and that hindered me from getting a perfect retouched image and will drastically improve beauty retouching. In 2011, when I first started retouching, there were a lot of different techniques that I used to like – dodging and burning, frequency separation, curves etc. As I was a beginner, sometimes it even…


How to Make a Perfect Coffee for Retouching?

A RETOUCHER’S GUIDE TO A PERFECT COFFEE You have put your pen tablet on right, the computer is plugged on, photoshop (Gimp ) is running. Soft music coming from the speakers around you, and you are about to remove the first blemish. And yes, you have done it. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. A celebration is on your mind, stretching your hand to pick up the coffee mug that’s been luring you for so long. Finally taking a relieving…

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E-Commerce Retouching for Online Brands

Tips for E-commerce retouching for Brands If I look back, till now- June 2018, I have edited more than thousands of pictures for e-commerce usages, and I can very confidently say that the images do not require an extreme amount of editing at all. E-commerce retouching is more about selling a product. So, when retouching, that one thing that needs the most attention. Detailing and enhancement of a product. E-commerce Retouching  Helps in Selling Keeping in mind, if the product has extreme retouching it will…

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