Neeraj Agnihotri is an internationally published Fine Arts and Fashion Photographer in India. This blog is about his life behind the camera. From photography to ukulele strumming, and from retouching to writing, and various other topics; this blog has everything. In Short, The Life of an Artist.

Type of Photography Genres Focusing on Models

There are few photography styles where the focus is more on the model than the product. We have to remember, fashion is all about selling clothes, accessories etc. But fashion portrait photography has some part where models are supposed to steal the limelight. So, below mentioned photography types will come under a set that falls outside the set of fashion photography. Even though these are not exactly fashion photography, it borrows many elements from that to make a shoot successful. Modelling Portfolio Photography / Portfolio shoot…


Why Is A Good Modelling Portfolio Shoot More Important Than You Think?

Are you planning to go for a modelling portfolio shoot soon? Are you planning to be a successful model? The first thing that you have to do for realizing this dream is to book a professional fashion photographer. A photographer who has the right experience and style. As this is more than just clicking pictures in a studio and editing them later. Here are some points to help you understand why is it more important than you have thought - Launchpad Of Your Career A…

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