Neeraj Agnihotri is an internationally published Fine Arts and Fashion Photographer in India. This blog is about his life behind the camera. From fashion & boudoir photography to ukulele strumming, and from cinematography to writing, and various other topics; this blog has everything. In Short, The Life Of An Artist.

Can a Photographer’s Reviews and Rating Be Trusted?

Every platform provides a reviewing system these days - be it Google Ratings, Facebook Ratings or other Social Media platforms/portals. If you are the one who easily gets influenced by anyone’s reviews or google rating, you should definitely read this article till the end.After extensive research, we found out what makes rating and reviewing system flawed.Even Non-Clients can RateAny person who hasn’t even availed any service can rate/review any artist. Many shopping websites have a better system where they allow you to rate a product…


How relevant are the lists showing best or top fashion, boudoir or wedding photographers?

As I have already been mentioned in many lists, I think I am allowed to talk about this topic without being judged as a grumpy man who is writing about this because he never made it to any of these lists. You will come across lists every day about so many things - be it is best boudoir photographers India, best fashion photographers in Delhi, top wedding photographer of Bangalore or something else. But whenever you see these, also remember few of these below-mentioned points…


Who Shall I Finalize As My Boudoir Photographer?

Real Boudoir Shoot versus Fashion Portrait ShootYou have to remember what do you want in the end: Is it a boudoir shoot you are looking for or just any glamorous shoot? As there is a big difference between the two. We have seen many pictures of a woman in a park, or a woman in street with backless blouse etc categorised as boudoir shoot, but these are not even remotely related to a boudoir shoot, to be honest. These are just portrait shoot, maybe a…


How to get Ready for a Boudoir Shoot?

Tips to Get ready for a Boudoir Shoot! If you are planning for a boudoir shoot or if your boudoir session's date is coming close (in case you have already booked); we are going to give you a small guide about how to get ready for a boudoir shoot, and what not do for the session. Pack Your Favourite Items Pack your favourite lingerie, corsets, lace wear, sexy heels, some jewellery, or any other thing that you love and find glamorous. You don’t have to go…


How Do We Make Our Clients Feel Comfortable During a Boudoir Session?

If a client is uncomfortable during a boudoir session, it’s very tough to capture the perfect images. Add to that, as this shoot is very personal in nature, it’s very much required that the client feels unworried with the photographer and his team. This is supposed to be an enjoyable experience rather than a nerve-wracking one. Here, we are explaining how we achieve that on our shoots -Extra TimeWe always keep some extra time for these kinds of shoots. Even though time is money in…

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