Can a Photographer’s Reviews and Rating Be Trusted?

Can a Photographer’s Reviews and Rating Be Trusted?

Every platform provides a reviewing system these days – be it Google Ratings, Facebook Ratings or other Social Media platforms/portals. If you are the one who easily gets influenced by anyone’s reviews or google rating, you should definitely read this article till the end.

After extensive research, we found out what makes rating and reviewing system flawed.

  1. Even Non-Clients can Rate
    Any person who hasn’t even availed any service can rate/review any artist. Many shopping websites have a better system where they allow you to rate a product only when you have purchased it; but unfortunately, this system hasn’t yet reached the service industry.
  2. Competitors Issue
    Competition in any field is inevitable but the problem comes when the competition takes an unhealthy turn. There are cases where we have noticed many people trying to bring the rating down of their competitor by giving negative reviews and bad ratings. (As we have already told earlier that so far there is no way Google can know whether the person sharing service reviews or ratings was a previous client or not, and thus everyone is allowed to share their ratings.)
  3. Client Issue
    When you’re not satisfied with a shoot, it doesn’t necessarily imply that the issue is from the photographer’s side; sometimes it can be from client’s side as well. We run a candid wedding photography group where people are encouraged to show their work and clients are encouraged to share their requirements requiring any photoshoot they want. There, while approving posts, we encountered two cases of unhappy clients recently. In the first case, it was a woman who complained about her wedding photographer who spoiled her shoot (names of both parties are withheld). We thoroughly checked the scenario and found out that the problem was from photographer’s side and we approved the post to help others to be aware of such issues.

    In a similar second case, we got one more post-approval request from another woman who also complained about her wedding photographer and this time all our examination led us to conclude that there was no problem from the photographer’s side. We didn’t approve this unjustifiable post which was very detrimental for a good photographer who did everything as expected, but she still made all her friends and families to give him one rating that ultimately brought his rating down from 4 to 1. A good artist’s reputation was brought down by a grumpy client of his without any problem from his side. We think these platforms are not for taking your anger or enmity out on a person, it takes years of hard work for an artist to build his reputation.

  4. Different Types of Ratings Merged into One
    In many cases, photographers are running a side by side workshop or classes for interns. What happens, in this case is, that all the reviews and ratings are shared by their students or interns, and not by clients. Photography services and workshop classes are compared on many different factors and thus, ratings can’t coincide.
  5. Fake Reviews/ Bought Reviews
    On all these platforms you can easily make any number of accounts and rate yourself, thus increasing your entire rating. (Same problem, you don’t have to be a client to rate.)

This article is not to bring down anyone as we believe that a healthy competition is required to help each other improve their skill sets and to do better, this article is just to provide information to the audience who are planning to book anyone to be able to take an informed decision irrespective of being influenced by a good or bad rating.

In the end, it’s always good to check the work of an artist, talk to him/her over the phone and decide yourself whether this is the one or not because nobody can argue that – “Work speaks louder than anything – be it ratings, reviews, followers, likes or lists.”

In case you encountered any such issue related to rating or reviews, as a client or as an artist, please let us know in the comments below.

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