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Procrasdemon Book Neeraj Agnihotri

Procrasdemon – The Artist’s Guide To Liberation From Procrastination

A Non-Fiction Book About ‘Procrasdemon‘ a procrastination Monster.

This book is a non-fictional reality of a bloodcurdling and time-wasting demon that every procrastinator carries. Being a worshiper of short-term pleasures and delaying tasks, Procrasdemon tries his best to make you his slave. This guide talks about how a Procrasdemon thinks and works his way in to lure you into things that give you instant gratification, thus getting the power of not letting you achieve your very best.

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In The Name Of Blasphemy – A Book About Religious Riots in India

The second-largest migration in India after its partition. A story that shows a glimpse of the inhuman 2013-riots of Muzaffarnagar. When everyone was moving out of the city, a retired teacher takes a decision to stay.

Masterji once used to have answers to everything in life, from small outwardly doubts related to ordinary life to unfathomable inward contemplation that tortured a human soul. But as the inhumanly evil in the form of riots continues in the city, he finds himself again surrounded by so many disturbing questions that nobody can answer.

A painful story of learning, friendship, life, childhood, riots, religion, and politics.

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