How to finding Great Book Covers? The World Of Book Cover Photography

How to finding Great Book Covers? The World Of Book Cover Photography

Whenever I want to design a book cover. I have to go through my closet of old photographs.

It is a beautiful place there. 


Why deleting photographs are never a great idea? 

 Earlier, as an amateur, I always deleted pictures that I did not like. Believing that the first 10,000 pictures are the worst. In fact, I took some of my best pictures during that. Every single picture that we capture has a story in itself, and if used in a particular topic it would still have a great meaning.  


Finding Book Cover Photography


Meaningful Pictures that we find in Trash. 

 Not the trash that lays in the outskirts of your city, but the one in your hard-drive that holds some of the amazing artwork that you have had captured. But you might be too scared to take it out as you think that it has some flaws that can’t get better? But as the time has passed hastily, I have realized that I am fascinated by the rejected pictures.  

“One day all the rejected pictures will make sense” 


Ask your photographers friends for book covers that they might have in their collections

If you have a particular type of pictures that you want, don’t be hesitant to ask your photographer buddies as I am pretty sure they have a pile of amazing photographs that are a great book covers. If there is a particular type of picture that you believe will make an excellent book cover, please feel free to write me here. Just an old friend beside pixels trying help.  


Go out and capture the cover yourself.  

Book photography is an art, and art doesn’t have boundaries. Especially if you are an amateur photographer or a hobbyistic photographer, it is going to be a great opportunity for exploring your talent. Sometimes working on the project becomes super exciting and helps in getting to a next level.  


Judging a book by its cover 

It’s a fact that there are more readers than writers. Majority of avid readers will not choose a book by its cover.

However, if the book cover is jaw-dropping, it might fascinate a reader to pick it up to read the summery. Summery is more important than a cover. But there’s always some benefits of having a great book cover.  


Making it into Book Cover Photography


Book a Book cover photographer  

I don’t know why but I feel that amateurs can always help you better in this. But if you want a no-brainer photo shot for a book cover, where you do not want to do any thinking, always great to go for a professional photographer.  Photographers that believe in experimental photography can give you unique pictures- if that’s what you are looking for.


Sells Photographs as a Book Cover Photographer 

If you are a photographer, who believes that you have some images that would be better off as a book cover. Write an email to publishing agencies they are always looking for some creative covers that are dying to be published on a bestseller book.  Stock photography is also a nice option. Especially if you use Book related keywords to attract the right audience. I will shortly be writing a blog on finding keywords for right photography.

People looking for books covers are always looking for deep and meaningful pictures, Fine arts photography is always best for book covers. It has a sort of depth that will connect with the reader.  


Becoming a Model for a Book Cover  

As Book Cover photography is not a very special genre in photography. To be a model for book covers it great to work with fine arts photographer. Experimental photography does make a good amount of book covers.  

Thank you for reading. Let me how you found your perfect book cover.



 (Cover of my first book that found in my old photography collection. The audiobook will be out soon.)


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