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 High End Retouching For Fashion & Advertisement Photography

When it comes to Fashion Photography & Advertisement Photography, High End Retouching becomes the most important part of any picture’s post production. Normal post processing doesn’t work minutely on a picture. As a result, a lot of important details are fades. And that’s when High End retouching  become essential for commercial photography.

 Can you afford that if you are planning to publish it in a magazine as a magazine cover photo or magazine inside photo? What if your have recently launched a product and you need these as your promotional brand material? Not just that, what if you have an established brand but want to use these pictures on billboards, on websites or as a promotional poster? In all these cases, the answer is an obvious no. And that’s where the role of a high end retoucher specialised in high end editorial retouching, high end advertisement retouching and high end commercial retouching comes into picture. 

High end retouching is a professional enhancement of a picture to give it an industry standard look. And as a professional high end retoucher, I will be able to help you to achieve that look by my experienced fashion and beauty retouching techniques. In many cases, editorials or advertisements for high end makeup brands require advanced high end skin retouching and high end beauty retouching.

Non Destructive High End Retouching Before and After

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 What do I offer in my High End Retouching services – Fashion & Advertisement?

I provide all types of high end retouching services that include beauty retouching, fashion retouching, glamour photo editing, advertisement retouching, fine art retouching, dark art retouching, editorial retouching (magazines and billboards), commercial retouching, creative retouching, photoshop manipulation, matte painting, digital art and others. Here are few of the techniques that I love to use in my pictures to get the desired look and 

  • Non-destructive High End Retouching Technique

    To make sure you get a natural looking photo and the original look of the photo is retained. It requires professional level non-destructive techniques. It helps in the beautifying of images without distorting even a single pixel and keeping all the pictures realistic. I make sure that the texture of the skin is not faded, cellulite are retained, freckles are maintained and blemishes are kept as per the requirement.  even if it requires extreme Photoshop usage.

  • Advanced Techniques Like Dodging and Burning & Frequency Separation

    Most advanced types of retouching techniques including contouring, smoothing textures, dodging and burning, digital airbrushing, frequency separation, colour correction, blemishes removal, figuring a model, hair, eyes and lips retouching, and many others that help in retaining the international industry grade texture.

  • Preserving The Natural Look

    Working on imperfections in a way so as to conserve the natural beauty without making it look plastic. As high end retouching sometimes is the enhancement of the flaws.  Because I consider even the flaws are a form of natural beauty.

    I personally support the #acceptyourflaws movement. Usually, I prefer to make a synchronised balance between Photoshop and other imperfections. Neither do I speak in the favour of the removal of birthmarks, hairs, moles and other so-called ‘flaws’.

  • More Than Skills

    Not just skills, but also using the imagination to get the perfect retouched picture. The goal always remains the same to retouch in such a way that everything looks perfect but without any trace of retouching. Sometimes you have to find a particular technique to overcome a specific hindrance in Photoshop. Under those circumstances, high end retouching becomes more than just skills that you acquired. With my years of experience, I easily can find a solution to retouching problems, without messing with the other elements of a picture.

  • Working At Pixel Level

    Working on all the good pixels so as not to lose any details that can become visible when the picture is enlarged. As I am myself a full time fashion photographer, I know where these pictures are used and I make sure not to compromise with the quality. I love working with the pictures using 100 percent zoom so that they look super amazing on a big banner, or on a super high definition screen.

  • Strict Attention to Details

    I like doing very attentive and detailed work that is not just the analysing at visible-to-naked-eye level but also breaking it down to the pixel level. Depending on the type of retouching required, sometimes it takes hours and hours of hard work.

  • Experienced with Clients From All over the World

    I have done a lot of fashion & beauty retouching work for several international photographers, models & advertisement agencies from London, Toronto, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Melbourne, Tokyo, California, Berlin, Paris, Copenhagen, Venice, Amsterdam, Prague, Miami, Hong Kong, St. Petersburg, Barcelona, and many other places through out the world. 

    I have worked with several industry Professionals for Fashion Retouching, Portrait Retouching, Fine art Retouching, Boudoir Retouching, Nude Retouching, Editorial Retouching, Commercial Retouching, Dark Art retouching, High End Skin Retouching, Garment Retouching, Hair Retouching and many others.

  • Photo Enhancements Matching Up The Level Of Fashion And Advertising Industry

    Enhancement of a picture means to get the desired elements and to eliminate the undesired ones.  I am always trying to preserve the texture of an image while enhancing it to an industry standard and retaining the natural look. Setting up the right colour as per the requirement and mood of the picture, and focusing more on the product or dress so it makes a perfect advertisement.

  • Detailed Knowledge Of Makeup And Human Anatomy

    For a good retouching work, these details are very helpful in getting the right look. When I first started as a high end retoucher, I started observing makeup and anatomy thoroughly. And only because of that knowledge I say that I can also do digital makeup perfectly now.

  • All Types Of Retouching Services 

    I give a lot of options to my clients that includes body retouching, beauty retouching, skin retouching, hair retouching, and even cloth retouching. From editorial retouching to advertisement retouching or commercial retouching, and from fashion retouching to beauty retouching. You can learn more about these below.

High End Retouching Before After

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Different Types Of High End Retouching

As every image has a different message to convey to its viewers. Not one type of retouching can fit all.  Few images need only skin retouching, but there can be few other images also that need skin retouching, hair retouching, makeup retouching etc. That’s why I offer various types of high end image retouching services to my clients to choose from. The best way to understand what will best suit your project is to answer these following question.

1) How do you want your final images to look like?

2) What will be the purpose of this image? If even after reading this you still find yourself confused or not able to find the type of retouching you are looking for, feel free to drop me a message with the image.

How Do You Want Your Final Images To Look Like?

This answer to this question will help n high end retoucher to get a clarity of your requirements. Not all the pictures need makeup retouching or hair retouching. You can always discuss this with me and I can guide you. 

Body Retouching

When we talk about body retouching in a high-end image retouching scenario, we are generally talking about body shaping, body refiguring and body sculpting. It can also include liquefying nose, ear, lips, waist, legs and other body parts as per the requirements of the client.

Beauty Retouching

All the exquisite model images that we see in the fashion and beauty magazines involve beauty retouching. This is one of the most challenging areas of retouching because of the advanced high end retouching skills required to work on all those details. Not to mention, extra hours of work required in this as compared to any other type. Still, I find it as my favourite.

It involves various other types of high end retouching in it – skin retouching, hair retouching, makeup retouching. From removal of flakes of makeup to removal of tiny strands of hair, everything is considered a part of beauty retouching. Many times, there is also makeup retouching involved in this like fixing the gaps in lipstick or smudged up eyeliner. The goal is always to bring out the perfection without destroying the skin texture. 

Makeup Retouching

High end makeup retouching becomes essential in case of close up shots. In such cases, we need makeup editing and enhancing, makeup colour changing, and makeup highlights and shadows correction. In addition to that, there is sometimes also need of eyelashes and eyebrows retouching, eyeshadow retouching, cheekbone retouching, under-eye retouching and even nail retouching. 

Perfecting the art of clean makeup in a picture is a big task in itself. Mainly fashion photography and beauty photography needs a lot of detailed high end retouching work on makeup, especially if it is for cosmetic brand. 

Skin Retouching 

This is one of the most important types of high end photo retouching. In almost all the cases, at least the basic form of skin retouching is required. On the other hand, some high end editorial projects may require an advanced level of retouching.  As a professional high end retoucher, I always make sure to do skin smoothing and evening out while retaining the natural skin texture. Coupled with removing blotchiness, or keeping a perfect amount of blemishes. 

Hair Retouching 

 Hair retouching comprises fly-away or stray hair removal, hair smoothing, lengthening of hair, hair colouring, hair curling and various other things. Equally important is working on hair edges and creating a fine natural hair outline, filling in the gaps and sometimes even adding extra hair. Hair retouching can make a great difference in a fashion or a beauty photograph. As a result, this combined with skin retouching becomes essential in editorial photography and advertisement photography.

Clothing Retouching 

 There are times when an image meant for editorial spread or for a billboard requires even cloth retouching. And why not? Clothes are an important part of fashion photography. In the same fashion, cloth retouching also becomes an important part of that. It is generally done for the removal of stray threads, creases, folds, dust etc. Additionally, there is also evening out of fabric texture. 

What will be the purpose of your image?

Every genre of photography has a specific purpose to serve. That’s why even the expectations from the high end retouched image are different. With this in mind, it’s important for a high end retoucher to understand the purpose of your image. It helps him to guide you and also to adjust his retouching style according to the needs of the picture.

Editorial Retouching

If the purpose is to publish an image as an editorial spread or magazine cover, it will require high end editorial retouching.   

Fashion Retouching

Fashion is all about clothes and makeup and thus, it requires a matching high end fashion retouching to bring out the beauty of that.

Advertisement Retouching or Commercial Retouching

If the purpose is to use it for an advertisement, it needs very an advanced level of high end retouching. Because you don’t want an image that looks perfect as such, but once you start enlarging it, you are able to notice a lot of faults that were non-existent so far. 

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Neeraj Agnihotri

Neeraj Agnihotri is a professional high end retoucher specialising in editorial retouching, advertisement retouching, fashion retouching & beauty retouching. He has more than 6 years of high end retouching experience working for many international photographers, magazines, modelling & advertisement agencies from all over the world.

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