Hi, I'm Neeraj!

We’re all made up of so many beautiful stories. That’s why capturing the essence of our lives in just a few paragraphs is definitely one of the toughest things.

Getting back to the point, I am Neeraj Agnihotri, an internationally published photographer with over 8 years of expert experience in the field of fashion, fine arts, and commercial photography. I have worked with several international photographers, designers, models, and agencies all over the world.

I started when I was 13 years old, with a camera that was gifted to me by my sister.

During that time I loved taking pictures of monkeys at that time. That phase taught me so many techniques about capturing emotions which later I implemented in my portrait and fashion shoots. As strange as this sounds, but somehow it magically worked.

And it still does. Super fun, right? 🙂

Want To Know More about Me?

Writing Books

I have published a few books so far and I plan to continue writing more. One of my books that I am particularly proud of is “Procrasdemon: The Artist’s Guide to Liberation From Procrastination.”

This book contains my life lessons on how I learned to use my time effectively. In addition, it also familiarizes everyone with the mysterious demon that makes us procrastinate. Cool, ain’t it?

You can also read my blog where I reveal the kind of chaos that goes inside an artist’s head. Sometimes, I also write about self-development, productivity, and personal growth.

Making Music

I have established a few businesses and I also have succeeded in some of the things I have done until now. However, music isn’t one of those.

So, I still continue to make music mainly ambient/cinematic on weekends and it’s my perfect break. And did I mention my passion for Ukuleles?

Yes, Ukuleles.

Your Story?

I have always been very interested in knowing other people’s stories, as I have never met anyone in my life who have not wowed me with theirs. So, let’s get to know each other a little better. If you have to describe yourself in just one sentence, what would you say? What do you think makes you who you are?

I do admire the beauty of a long good conversation over a cup of coffee, so don’t be hesitant to ask any questions, or just poking me with a hello.