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I do admire the beauty of a long good conversation over a cup of coffee,
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fine art photographer

About Me

I  am an internationally published fashion,  fine art, and nude photographer with more than seven years of experience.

I started playing with colors & lights ever since I picked up my first camera to observe the world around me. And that is when I discovered the magical beauty everywhere. 

With the exploration of darkness and lighting, mingled with my artistic curiosity I was lucky enough to find my own photography style, which mainly revolves around fantasy, magic, art, and people.

Apart from photography, I really love high end  retouching. I have worked with several international photographers and agencies all over the world, and I am also a part of Bizadmark – a New York based Advertisement & Marketing Agency.

In the mean time, I am also involved in Cinematography, Making Music, Reading, Writing, or just strumming my ukulele somewhere quite. 



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