8 Tips To help You In Capturing Amazing Pictures of Indian brides

8 Tips To help You In Capturing Amazing Pictures of Indian brides


 A Small Guide To Capture Amazing Indian bridal portraits for amateurs as well as professionals. 

No wedding photography session feels complete without some jaw-dropping bridal portraits. A bride is the center of attraction of every wedding, so is the groom, but no is more astonished to see the groom as they are to see the bride.

Candid Bride Photography

Especially because a wedding is a day when a bride looks no less than a beautiful princess. By following only a few tips and tricks a simple portrait session can become a mind-boggling bridal portrait session. Something that can be cherished for the entire life.

During my journey, as a  wedding photographer, for more than seven years – here are some of the amazing things I have learned. These tips actually relieve me from taking any stress as I am pretty sure that I can capture amazing portraits of brides in any wedding session.   

Fashion Bridal Photography India

These bridal photography tips are not just limited to the professional or armatures photographer. But will be of great help even with the people who are capturing bridal portraits for the first time.  Even not limiting it to the people who will be experimenting, the session, with a mobile phone camera.  

 The following tips are a mixture of theories and technical elixir that will help you a lot in any wedding bridal portrait session. In fact, in any portrait session 

Know the lighting  


Direction, distance, and intensity, all play a very important factor in a great bridal portrait session. If you are new, it’s better to always start with natural lighting. Inverse-square law really helps a lot in maintaining the luminosity of a subject in a picture.  

Inverse Square law tells us about how the light fades with every foot. This is one thing, if mastered, will drastically improve flash portrait photography.  

It will help you a lot, if you have been using an on-camera flash, and wondered why you could never get amazing bridal portraits. Once you know lighting you can always play with it to make some super creative bridal portraits.  


Poses For Bridal Portraits Sessions   

I have seen photographers who were not scared to give a back or neck cramp to a bride before her wedding, with some really tiring poses. And unfortunately, this point goes always unnoticed and does not get attention but it is very important. You can even go for fashion photography style poses.

Portrait of a Telugu South Indian Bride 

Keep The Poses Natural

Don’t stress a bride by some calisthenics-based poses. Keep it simple and uncomplicated. Prefer capturing candid moments as they always turn out to be among the great picture. 

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmann

 Beautiful Smile Indian Bride Delhi

Stay away from the old-style Indian poses. Have you seen the old albums that people are scared to even take out as the photographer did some work the is still embarrassing till this date?  

Note it is locked in the closet for a reason.  

Preserve the details. Don’t miss the jewelry

Jewellery bridal photography

 A bride has nearly spent a month – of thinking – on each and everything she is wearing. Please don’t let her efforts go to waste. Keeping an eye on the details helps in capturing the essence of the bride. Capturing the jewelry like advertisement photography is always a plus. 

Keep the bride Comfortable  

Tiring poses often makes a bride nervous and least interested in getting captured. Know her, don’t make the bride spin for long, as it may make her feel nauseated. It’s perfectly fine to give appreciation to the bride regarding her dress.  

A female photographer always has an extra bonus point as they can give great compliments, or can go wow, with an excitement in their eyes, by looking at the dress. It’s not the same for a male photographer. They are better off with mild compliments.  Please note this point varies with every different culture the bride belongs to. 

Here are few bullet points that will help. 

  • No tiring poses 

  • Keeping poses simple 

  • Less is more 

  • Capture the happy moments 

  • Too much creativity is a mistake 

  • Compliments are great 

“As I grew older, I realized that it was much better to insist on the genuine forms of nature, for simplicity is the greatest adornment of art.” – Albrecht Durer 

Getting to Know The Bride

happy bride with henna photography 

This is the reason why I recommend people to meet their clients before a shoot.  The better you get to know about a person, the better you can imagine them in their pictures.  

Everyone has a unique personality. And, if you can explore that, you can even capture it in a portrait session 

Questions to Ask the couple

A few questions always help in knowing a person. Here is a list of questions that I usually ask my clients to know more about them. I even have a multiple type question paper that I forward to the couple so that they can answer it. 

I know that the words ‘Question Paper’sounds pretty tough. But it is not, It has all the fun question one can imagine. I have even heard from my clients that they would have preferred more question in that.  

  • When did you meet?

  • How long have you known each other?

  • How was the first time when you saw your partner?

The types of question we love to ask. Keeping in mind that the fun questionnaire session doesn’t look like a session with a psychologist.  Don’t ask deep questions like, ‘Do you still miss him?’ I am pretty sure you won’t end up with a great session. (Certainly joking)


Don’t be scared but the time is ticking- Be extra prepared 

Once a bride is ready, she has a few hours before the wedding starts. So, it’s always advisable to be prepared. Way more prepared than you can imagine.  

Keep Everything Extra

like an extra camera, extra batteries, extra memory card, to be on the safer side, even better to take an extra photographer.  

Formatting a memory card before a shoot was one of the best advice that I ever received. Take back up of everything and there you would see your wedding anxiety fly away, that too, without Prozac.  

Reaching on the location at least hours before will help you in thoroughly analyzing the location, and you will be able to find some great place where you can take amazing bridal portraits.

bride pictures tips

A few tips for the people who will continuously scroll through the page so that they can find some bullet points. 

  • Preparation is the key 

  • Reach the location before so that you can find amazing places for portraits 

  • Keeps everything extra- this will reduce your stress.  

  • An extra photographer is even better 

  • Even an hour is more than enough if you are properly prepared. 


Capture Beauty With Emotions

Weddings are a perfect combination of all sort of different emotions when mixed with perfect capture, you will end up with an image that is surely going to be worth a thousand words. 

Be super alert with what’s going on around the bride. At times, a very old friend from her childhood is about to visit her after a long gap of eight years. Keeping your camera alert, and framing the bride in the image, will let you capture an image with uppermost emotion. 

So, you just captured an-eight-years-old friendship through the facial expressions of the bride.  How amazing is that?

North Indian Bride Portraits  

Best to Capture Natural Emotions

This is one of the most important things that should be kept in mind while trying to become a wedding photographer. There is no way you can re-create the moments. It’s better to be alert so that these moments will not be missed.

In fact, no will even remember that you missed something as great as that unless you have a great eye of a wedding photographer. This is wedding photography is about – to see things that others won’t be able to see. 

 Mumbai Bride photography

Especially in Indian weddings, where there are so many visitors and all the visors have a great story that surely can be captured.


In case, I have missed any point I will be adding it here again. Is there any great tip that I have missed. Please let me know

Thank you so much for reading. Feel free to share with someone who is starting as a wedding photographer.

Neeraj Agnihotri

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