I am a photographer, retoucher, a blogger and a newbie musician, who is always trying to make some bearable music. 

I believe in exploring different sides of human emotions through my art. My work has been published in several national & international magazines. Say Hello.



Neeraj Agnihotri is a Delhi based fashion, advertisingfine art, and boudoir photographer. He has more than seven years of experience as a fashion photographer in India. Even though he is based in Delhi, India but the location has never been a constraint for him. He has worked in Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Bangalore and also has a huge numbers of clients though out the world.

High-End Professional Retouching

As a commercial retoucher, he has worked with clients from all over the world. Including international photographers, magazines, modelling and advertising agencies from California, New York, London, St. Petersburg, Copenhagen, Venice, Berlin, Paris, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Melbourne, Rome and many other cities.

 His client base includes several designers, brands, and magazines. 

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