Neeraj Agnihotri is a Delhi based fashion photographer, advertising photographer, fine art photographer and boudoir photographer. He has more than six years of experience as a fashion photographer in India. Even though he is based in Delhi, the location has never been a constraint for him. He keeps travelling to every nook and corner of India for his work, frequenting the cities of Mumbai, Goa, Pune, Chennai, Bangalore etc. In addition, he has also worked with many international clients from New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, London, Auckland and other cities. His client base includes several designers, brands, and magazines.

According to Neeraj Agnihotri, understanding lighting is the most important thing for any fashion photographer. And he likes spending his time acquiring more and more information related to lighting, shadows and highlights. Another thing that he considers important in the field of fashion photography is pre-visualisation of the shoot as it helps him in being absorbed in the theme and delivering the best result.

His style mainly revolves around fantasy, magic, art and women. With his style, he makes something that leaves hypnotic effects on its viewers especially his captivating fine art pictures. As a committed artist, he likes creating paintings like images where you have to look beyond the image itself. There is a fanciful, dreamlike and interpretive nature in his images because no two people ever see the same thing. In many cases, the second look makes viewers wonder whether what they saw the first time was true or what they are seeing now. That’s what is his signature style…creating an image that has many meanings.

Fashion Photographer in India

 Neeraj Agnihotri is an adept fashion photographer. He concentrates more on advertising photography or ad shoots, editorial fashion photography, and commercial photography in this vast genre. But he can still be contacted for any other categories related to fashion. He is quite versatile and has done shoots of almost all types in this field. Apart from that, as a skilful and experienced commercial photographer, he has helped many clients in successfully establishing their fashion based start-ups.

Equally important, the side of modelling portfolio photographer of him is able to assist models to look their very best. According to him, everybody has an angle at which they look great. Many professional models are already aware of how to work this angle while posing but in case a model doesn’t know, his sharp eyes work wonders in this area.

Being a fine art photographer and a fashion photographer, he is also a fine art fashion photographer. And because of his love for capturing portraits, he also works as a fine art portrait photographer and fashion portrait photographer many times. Fashion photography for Neeraj Agnihotri has been his passion. It is also one of the first fields in the photography world he worked in before also starting out as a fine art photographer, boudoir photographer and nude photographer. In addition to that, he has given fashion photography classes to several students in India and is continuously providing internship to many others.  

Moreover, he spends more time in creating a flawless image with his photography skills, rather than fixing it later by retouching. Even though he finds retouching equally important but still he never uses it to replace the charm of a wonderfully taken picture. Fashion retouching is something that complements his skill of photography rather than subduing it. He is a highly knowledgeable and expert high end retoucher which enables him to retouch his images himself. If while scrutinising his images, he finds something incorrect, he uses his skills of a high end retoucher to make it better. As he is always striving for perfection in his photographs.

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