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FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY : From Fashion Magazines to Advertisements

With the passionate inclination towards Fashion photography, Neeraj Agnihotri is very skilled to adapt his photography style according to the different genres - be it Portrait Photography, Commercial Photography, Catalogue Photography, Editorial Photography, Garment Photography, Jewellery Photography, any form of advertisement photography or Beauty Photography. When it comes to Lingerie photography, boudoir photography, Nude or Implied nude photography, he is able to capture the photographs with ultimate elegance and sensuality. Add to that, he loves playing with the images. Thus digital manipulation and high end retouching of the photographs is one of his favourite pastime. But out of all the types, beauty shoot  is always his favourite. Any fashion photo might look simple, but it actually is a result of dedication and hard work from a fashion photographer and his team. 

Photography has got various forms and each form demands different sets of skills and expertise from a fashion photographer. Click the links  to know what exactly differentiates one type from the rest and how photography by Neeraj Agnihotri reflects these changes in his various clicked photographs.

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