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FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY : From Fashion Magazines to Advertisements

With the passionate inclination towards Fashion photography, Neeraj Agnihotri is very skilled to adapt his photography style according to the different genres - be it Commercial Photography, Catalogue Photography, Advertising Photography, Editorial Photography or Beauty Photography. When it comes to Lingerie photography, boudoir photography, Nude or Implied nude photography, he is able to capture the photographs with ultimate elegance and sensuality. Add to that, he loves playing with the images. Thus digital manipulation and high end retouching of the photographs is one of his favourite pastime. But out of all the types, beauty photography is always his favourite.

It is generally said that fashion when combined with passion gives you photographs that are hard to describe in words. Fashion photography is not just about a beautiful model posing out there for you and an expert photographer shooting her with his expensive Hassle Blad camera, it’s about team work. Team that includes make-up artist, stylist, model and fashion photographer. A make-up artist who can give vibrant make up to models of all skin types and facial features, varying his style accordingly be it clean makeup, editorial makeup, avant garde (experimental makeup), and beauty makeup. A stylist who knows more than simply putting dresses together. One who can vary his styling sensing the theme of the shoot from bohemian style, sensuous style, sleek chic, sophisticated style, androgynous fashion, goth style or just a girl next door style. A model who is more than just a face to look at; one who can emote as per the creative and imaginative theme set for the shoot and can give poses more than just listed in any fashion photography magazine. More than 50% of a good fashion shoot are successful because of its model. And finally comes the photographer. He is no doubt an important part of a glamour shoot or a fashion shoot, but he needs his team by his side to make a shoot unbeaten. He is the one who understands very well the usage of light and knows how to use it at its best. He uses light not just to set the mood of the shoot but also to give the required depth to any image. He develops the concept and shoots it with perfection, from correcting postures to shooting images from an angle that brings the best of a model. Any fashion photo might look simple, but it actually is a result of dedication and hard work from a fashion photographer and his team. Fashion photography has got various forms and each form demands different sets of skills and expertise from a fashion photographer. Click the links below to know what exactly differentiates one type from the rest and how the work of a professional fashion photographer reflects these changes.

Editorial Photography

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Every minute detail was taken care of in this shoot from the bright styling to highlighting make up, Dresses were also a work of  art here from a bright colorful rag to show the extremism to a beautiful sweeping gown to show the sensuality...Read More

 Celebrity photographer in Delhi, Celebrity photographer in Chennai, Celebrity photographer in Mumbai, Celebrity photographer in Bangalore

This shoot was done for an MTV Splitsvilla fame model. Scenic beauty of the mentioned place gave a sense of being far somewhere in a beautiful hill station. So the location worked very well to accentuate the theme I was working upon during that shoot...Read More


Glamour Photography

Glamour photography in Delhi, Glamour photographer in Delhi Glamour photography in Mumbai, Glamour photographer in Mumbai

Glamour photography is all about producing a visually engaging and thematically exhilarating photograph of your model. It is basically a poised image of a subject in a still position, wherein model poses not just with her facial expression but also with her body language...Read More


Digital Manipulation Photography

Photoshop Manipulation in Delhi, digital art Delhi, picture manipulation Delhi, retoucher in Delhi

Photo manipulation photography is not just photography, but rather it’s an art like painting. I prefer to call it as a modern painting rather than a digitally manipulated image. The real work in such photography starts once the shoot is over...Read More


Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photographer in Delhi, Lingerie shoot in Delhi Boudoir photographer in Mumbai, Lingerie shoot in Mumbai

The boudoir style is a sexier form of glamorous photography that captures seductive and sensual stills of a lady in both candid and posed form. The principal part that makes boudoir photography stand out is that it’s more natural compared to the other forms of photography. Generally bedroom is used as the backdrop...Read More


Beauty Photography

Beauty photography in Delhi, beauty shoots in Delhi beauty shoot in Mumbai, Beauty photography in Mumbai

Merely a combination of good light, flawless model, make up and retouching cannot produce an image worth categorising as beauty photo. It’s about how as a photographer you connect with your model, as strongest connection and mutual understanding directly affects your post production result...Read More


Fashion Clothing Photography

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This is a genre of fashion photography dedicated to displaying clothing. With the passage of time, fashion clothing photography has gone through a drastic change as such shoot is no longer restricted to plain indoor shoot but now the clothes and fashions are augmented by the charisma of exotic locations.